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Jul 6, 2011

Kadali Anchuna - Devineni Usha

Another woman power book based in the backdrop of a village.  The rise and fall of the heroine and how she gets her life on track and overcomes difficulties.  Coming from a rich family who gradually got poor due to loss in contracts and stuff and being of a very soft and understanding mentality the protagonist bows to her circumstances and a very jealous elder sister who spoils all the proper wedding chances because she wants to be better placed than the beautiful younger sister and gets married to a govt. teacher, a son who fails from a family with a dominating mother and a sister along with two brothers and a father who is a dummy.  The mother and sister run the show and alienate the new entrant and how she faces problems as an outsider in the family she so wants to own up, unable to understand the tricky politics of the MIL and SIL and further devastated by the stand the husband takes, the story runs around how the son ruins his life by resigning the job, leaving the wife and his 2 sons and leaving the village.  The death of her parents leaves her no place to go and how one of her ex-suitors, a benefactor through her parents comes to her rescue, and how the couple helps her to get her a good life by starting a school on her name and how the husband comes back to reclaim it all once again she falls a prey to his tactics only to get back to square one but this time around things CHANGE!!

An okay read though I do not like the ending and agree with it!

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