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Jul 28, 2011


Awesomeness at its best!!  HERE

Lyrics by Suddala Ashok Teja... the lyrics mean what music actually means to me in a way!!!
Singer:  Pranavi

Movie: Amma Cheppindi

Maatalto swaraale shikaarukelte geetam
andamga nisabdam talonchukunte sangeetam!!
Sangeetamto cheste sneham, palikindalaa geetam - maatalto -

kaagitaalalo nidurapoye kammani maate
kaasta lemmani ilayaraajaa tune kadutunte
paatalle egiri raada... nee gunde gundaipodaa
Sangeetamto cheste sneham, hrudyaram layale geetam -maatalto-

goru muddalo kalipi pette gaaramoka paata
paatasaalalo modata nerpe paathamoka paata
ooyalani oopunu paate, devudini nerpunu paate
sangeetamto cheste sneham, bratukanta o geetam - maatalto-

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