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Jul 8, 2011

Movies, Heroes, Me - 2

After the first attempt at this HERE a while ago, I have come to realize that there were so many that I missed in the flow and had been meaning to do one for quite some time now.

Sumanth - Another intense performer from the ANR clan.  Good eye for script, great performance, a right mix of dramatics and subtlety.

Nani - Technically a genius, good observer, great performer, has an eye for great scripts, shows in the variety of roles he has proved himself in.. Ashta Chamma, Bheemli Kabaddi, Alaa modalayyindi, loved all of them, each a class apart from each other, yet entertaining the same.  Will surely watch out for this power-packed performer.

Sarvanand - Another intense performer with obvious love for the cinema, to do something, to carve a niche for himself.  The one movie which makes me cry loads and loads each time I even think of it is Amma Cheppindi.  In Vennela, he irritated me the best but that was what his role was supposed to be, so no complaints! Gamyam took it a step ahead, Prasthaanam was top class.  Will surely watch out for his next release.

Krishnudu - Has a niche carved for himself through roles and movies created for himself.  Love Vinayakudu, Village lo Vinayakudu, Pappu was good too.  He potraying himself in Yem Maya Chesave there is some natural acting in him which I guess might get redundant over a period of time but so far so good.

Vishnu - Dhee, mind blowingly hilarious as Babloo, that height, those dimpled looks... another looker from Manchu clan.  Need to choose movies wisely, Saleem has put me off not only him but also movies for a while and that is on a serious note!  I personally liked him better before that Somalian look he presents with now.

Varun Sandesh - eeks, yikes, geeezzz, what the hell is he doing in the name of Happy Days and Kotta Bangaaru Lokam.. I did not really like him in Happy Days even though he was the hero, KBL was okay considering the pairing but the next few releases are best forgotten and I am yet to come out of the Yemaindi ee vaela head reeling.

Kalyan Ram - Liked him for his Atanokkade movie, rest all have reeked of Nandamuri self-dabba types, too much of drama, too less of logic stuff.

I guess I am done with it for now :).


Anonymous said...

Nani and Sarvanand naaku chaalaa chaalaa nacchuthaaru...Prasthaanam lo ayithe Sarvanand too much nacchesaadu...

Ee Nandi/filmfare etc awards enthasepoo aa nalugurikee, vaalla family members ki thappa inkoriki raavenduko...Ilaanti vaallakisthe entho encourage chesinattu avuthundi kadaa...

Veelliddaroo koodaa commercial movies vepu parigettesthaaremo choosi choosi...hmmm

Ilaanti post nenoo raayaaalanukuntunnaa..Just telugu kaakundaa hindi, tamil andari gurinchi cheppeyyaali :)

Sireesha said...

I agree with you about Vishnu. I too liked him in Dhee. Saleem is a big disaster - so vulgar, Illeana physique ni to the best exploit chesaaru andulo. Baboi akkadakka aite naaku kadupulo tippindi kooda. :-)
I like sharvaanad a lot. Amma cheppindi asalu too much. Prasthanam is a very good movie. He has so much potential in him.

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