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Jul 8, 2011

Movies, Ladies, The Golden Oldies My Take - 1

My love for movies is so very evident in what all I do.  In fact, I must admit that a lot of my knowledge comes through movies or let me put it this way and I will not be exaggerating if I would say that I learnt more about life and livelihood through movies than what my text book syllabus taught me.  I totally agree with what Chandu, another movie buff like me says HERE.

Movies and me are kind of too mixed up, I love them, I hate them, I learn from them, I curse them but I wont stop watching them :).  Cinema any-time types!!!

I have done my movie raving a lot of times earlier, I used to be so active in that Movies, Masti Blog back in US which kind of showed what I did on my L2 days without a job waiting for the EAD :), movies and books which played a vital role in keeping me sane.

Done with the heroes, I plan to do my take on heroines, the list again which is very exhaustive.  As usual, no one has really asked me to comment on them but then me being me got to do it right!!

Contrary to the overtly dramatic heroes of yester-years heroines for the most part have been natural though their role has come to be of prop dolls of late, the golden oldies made a huge difference in the movies back then.  The heroine was as integral part to the movie as was the hero the back bone of the movie.  By the time my interest in movies started the contemporaries were Sridevi, Radha, Radhika, Rajani but my love for the heroine figure began with the unmatched Savithri :)

Savitri - A natural, fat, thin, make-up, no make-up, whatever role she did, it is tough to separate her from it.  Ammai garu in Mooga Manasulu, Miss Mary in Missamma, Bullemma in Gundamma Kadha, Madhura Vani in Kanyasulkam and how can I forget my all time favorite song.. aha naa pelli anta and her acting in the movie Maya Bazaar amazing, mesmerizing and evergreen actress.  Sensational on screen and off screen, a reigning queen whose life is a lesson for many. I simply adore her and she is truly the screen goddess of all times and my love for her is unmatched.

Jamuna - I remember her for all those arrogant brat roles she does and her songs with Harnath are my all time favorite listed songs :).

Krishna Kumari - I did not find her beautiful but she was apt for the roles she did, do not specifically remember which was which though.

B. Saroja - She was a beauty :), roles-wise I cant really say much as I dont really remember :).

Vani Sree - Supposed to be a fashion icon at one time, she is one actress who belongs to the dramatic breed :).  Earlier movies, she was too good, black and white days but later on I hated that grease paint on her face and that fighting pitch of voice though I admire her energy.

Sarada - Very strong essaying of roles given to her.. as a lady who ruins here life in Balipeetham, her role in Manushulu maarali left an impact on me for quite some time.  She has a dignity about her bearing which I loved and Aw, I was so awestuck by the fights she did as a police officer back then, pre-vijayashanti days and those fiery lawyer roles and all :).

Bhanumati - Earlier, I used to hate her so much really that voice and all, it kind of used to be irritating and I really wonder how that has transformed into admiration it took a lot of time yes, but eventually I really came to admire her performances, even the songs and I feel no one else could have sung them so well.. like in Malleeswari.  Arrogance is one word that one gets to see and feel when you see her on screen and I guess that is what I began to love about her, that extreme level of confidence and care-a-damn attitude.

Any day, any time I would love to watch a movie of those days.  If it were to rain and me to be alone in a place surrounded by greenery and big wall to wall windows with something hot to sip on and a huuge plasma monitor on the wall playing one of their movies, will I be far from heaven?? Nope!


keerthicherukuri said...

Nice post Sushma...

Vaanisree chesina EM color movieslo Premnagar, Secretary, Jeevana tharangaalu lo thana acting naaku chaalaa istam...

Bhanumathi...I admire her for the same reasons u've stated..

Inkaa appati heroineslo kanchana koodaa istam naaku...

Sree said...

kaanchana maa amma favorite, i like her voice :), I remember one movie of hers with sobhan babu Kalyana Mandapam anukuntaa !

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