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Jul 9, 2011

Movies, Leading Ladies.. Late 70s and 80s - My take 2

After that golden oldie era comes the era of beautiful ladies.  I remember them a lot for their roles in the movies that I so love to watch.  The Eastman color, the weird nest type of hairstyles everything has a charm attached to it.

Jayanthi - Love this lady for her voice, different style of acting, can recognize that signature voice anywhere any time :).

Lakshmi - The lady from Julie, again with a distinct voice of her.  I kind of felt that she filled the gap that Jamuna has left for those brattish kind of roles.

Jaya Sudha - God, she is like old wine, gets better with each other.  I love her ease of acting, the naturality, not subtlety really, the dialogue delivery and it is actually surprising that she renders those long and bhaari bhadkam dialogues in Telugu not able to read the script.  I love watching all of her movies.  I have heard a lot about her personal tough times in a relationship and am really in awe of how she moulded her life, the way she reached out to prisoners in jail, the way she got into politics, the way she replies candidly, that truth in her, that refreshing purity everything plain amazes me.  Of her movies, there is not just one I can list out as an example but Idi Kadha Kadu has impressed me so much that I drop everything to watch it any time.

Jaya Prada - An amazingly natural beauty.  In some movies like Sagara Sangamam, Tohfa, I cant really get enough of her, very traditional looking in a saree and long braided hair with that mole on the lips and that nose... aww.. no words!!  Her antuleni Kada, siri siri muvva, sagara sangamam are evergreen in my list.. Puttadi bomma in true sense.  Though I hate her now in Jayapradam and often end up wondering how can one actually ruin that kind of a beauty with those crazy hairstyles and dressing that does not suit her bearing.  Politics and continuous roaming is taking its toll but still she is not helping with dressing and makeup either!

Sreedevi - she is an ugly duckling turned to a swan, graduated from a child artist, to an average looker to a stunning beauty.  She is a great performer but unfortunately that is masked by her beauty and sensuality but given a chance she has that mettle to prove herself.  I love the grace with which she dances, those belly movements are awesome.  The child like voice gets irritating at times, but again that is her trademark.  To me Vasanta Kokila is THE movie of hers!!

Sujatha - I love her voice again, her efforts at Telugu despite being from Kerala and the adaptability with which she took to the Telugu movies and stories is really great.  I really like that special smile of hers, that mole on her cheek and if you notice her eyes have this peculiar quality, they seem to be full of water all the time, watery eyes be it smile, sadness or just like that.

Poornima - She is that typical girl next door, not a great beauty but really nice to look at.. Srivaariki prema lekha and raani raanamma song are etched in my memory forever.

Suhasini - She is yet another performer that I love so much, used to be a great fan of hers at one point. Love the selection of her movies and her performances in them.. Sindhu Bhairavi, Sirivennela, Amma, Amma Cheppindi, Leader.. she is ageing graciously too :).

Radha - The glamour star of those days, never really like her performances but was a great dancer, must say she looks a lot lot better than her daughter even with that weight and all :).

Rajani - Raallo isakallo raasamu iddari perlu and that song brings a smile on my face, she was a tender performer. :).

Radhika - Another awesome lady that I love onscreen and off screen, very bold, very active, really bubbly, outspoken, great person in general.  Love her for that care-a-damn attitude of hers and at that same time, I have not seen a more cheerful person than her, each time she is on the screen she steals the show and by this I mean in an interview or a gathering kind of a thing and not the movie and acting too she does it with an ease that is so typical of her.  Swati Muthyam is a gem :).

Revathi - An actress that I really really love for performance.  Prema, Gaayam, Mouna Ragam whatever be the movie she just brings her own charm to it.  Not a looker but a great performer.  Any time any day Mouna Ragam for me.. remember that raa raa rey munda.. hilarious!!!

Bhanu Priya - Those big eyes, the dances, she has a different place in my heart :).  Swarna Kamalam evergreen again!

These are the few I remember as I type :)... more later!


NuvvuNenuPrema said...

nirosha ????
my childhood fav

Sree said...

yeah.. she too.. inka Shobana, vjashanti kooda ade timeframe kada... the sisters look so different.. Radhika and Nirosha, I personally felt Nirosha looks more like Silk Smitha's sister!

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