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Jul 30, 2011

O Mahatma O Maharshi

Movie:  Aakali Rajyam
Singer:  SPB

This is one song that takes me to a trance each time I listen to it.  I close my eyes and go to another world altogether.. HERE

oh mahaatmaa....oh maharshi
yedi cheekati, yedi veluturu
yedi jeevitamedi mrutyuvu
yedi punyam, yedi papam
yedi narakam, yedi naakam
yedi satyam, yedasatyam
yedanityam, yedi nityam
yedi yekam, yedanekam
yedi kaaranamedi kaaryam -Oh Mahaatmaa-

yedi telupu, yedi nalupu
yedi gaanam, yedi mounam
yedi naadi, yedi needi
yedi neethi, yedi nethi
ninna swapnam neti satyam
neti khedam, repu raagam
oke kaanthi, oke santhi - Oh Maharshi-

One of the really really wonderful movies I have seen!  Written by Sri Sri... superb, cant just find superlatives to express the feeling.


Madarapu said...

super andi.... just watched Virodhi movie, so nice music and lyrics at the rolling titles.. when i do bit research i go to know that its SriSri's poem.. thanks for lyrics.

Sree said...

I am yet to watch Virodhi..., on my list though!

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