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Jul 6, 2011

Prema - Suryadevara Ram Mohan Rao

Supposed to be the 70th novel of this sensational author, this comes across as a typical SRR book with a commercial and non-realistic story line with new technology and words thrown in here and there for the impact, typical author style, it is a very average read.

Nishant decides to build a hotel in suborbs of Goa and wants to make it a tourist location but the locals are very much against it as they feel that it would disturb the peace of the place and take away the livelihood.  Varshini, who has some household difficulties, a widowed mother and elder sister and a family to run, has to take up the job with him against the local's wish and as expected both of them fall in love but they do not reveal it to each other and how everyone else but they themselves are certain about this and try their best to get them separated forms the basic story.

Just about a very average read, sloppy writing.. seemed to be rushed out.

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Minal said...

Thanks a lot for the wishes. Considering that am really scared by all that is happening to my body and mind- I think I need a lot of them :) Love

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