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Jul 12, 2011


Of late, over years the one vital thing that I have to realize the point that people will TALK... just dont get it through the head.  When you know you are right, when you are sure you are not causing any harm to any other individual, just go ahead with it.  But each time, I stretch my boundaries of tolerance, people seem to stretch it a bit too far.. I just feel like screaming at rooftops just to shut the f&^9 up and get to hell, yes, I am fuming, not just frustrated and plain disgusted.

When I now hum the song kuch to log kahenge, logon kaa kaam hai kehna... there is a smile on my face and when someone goes you have to realize what you are doing, you have a daughter, remember a daughter not a son, you need to do this, this and this for her and not do what are you are doing right now, you need to bend backwards make things work, you are responsible for making her world rosy, bhlah..bhlaah... bow, bow, bow, the song always playing in the backdrop in my mind where I am just not listening any longer, cut off from the conversation and even smiling to myself deep inside.  I have come to realize, no point showing it outwards and invite further more wrath!!

Call it arrogance, recklessness whatever I really dont care.  I want to be me to be able to live and when I am not my very own self, why the hell are the peripherals needed in the first place.  I do not want to grudge anything on her later at any point in my life and say I did this for you.  No, I wont do anything for her, it is only for me that I doing all this, plain and simple.  When I say I love her, I like the feeling that I love her and so I love her and this is in no way a favor for her, it is for myself that I love her PERIOD.


Kranthi said...

##When I say I love her, I like ...... that I love her PERIOD##

That is THE TRUEST form of love you are giving to her .Kudos. i mean it. I wanna explain my statement but that expanation would be redundant .


Sireesha said...

I know It is really tough to take all that "talk". Kudos to you for handling it all bravely.
Yes, it's true that we should not feel we are sacrificing anything, it will only lead to resentment at some point. Continue to Love her and support her in your way. That will o good to both of you.

Sree said...

I dont think I am handling it all bravely Sireesha, I have my breakdown points like this, this past month specifically :).

Sree said...

:). Thank you kranthi

Sireesha said...

Occasional set backs are fine as long as you don't lose the sight of your convictions. Good luck to you!

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