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Jul 12, 2011


One thing I really dont like is mispronouncing a person's name, especially more so if it comes to my name.. Vani happens to be a part of my very lengthy name and when people call it as వాని, I cringe. వాణి , I  correct it instantly and feel relieved that I thankfully have another to fall back on.  In fact, thanks to that, I dont really tell anyone this part of the name.  Somehow, I feel like someone is pinching me :).. guess it is a quirk but it is a fact.

When I was searching for kid's name, I was pretty much sure it had to be Sreya and Rishi/Sourya, girl and boy names respectively.  I thought I was very clever in picking a name that cant be mispronounced and not complicated but I guess the fate has a last laugh when people end up calling her "Shhreya".. and I am like red, blue, black all over and the kid doesnt even have a fall back name or maybe she will grow up to be less quirkier than me in that aspect.  She prefers Siya all the time and refers her as same, so I guess it should be fine.. it will be, i will be fine accepting it as well,.. aaaarrghh... this damn self-hypnotizing thing is not working :).

When someone points out to correct me that the spelling is Shreya and they know a lot of them with that spelling... let me clear it to you it is Sreya as in melika sa, శ్రీ and not ష్రీ as in Sree and Srinivas, am I drilling my point right or do I need to be more specific...phew, me and my quirks!!!!

PS:  Edited to Add, she is not named after SRIYA, the actress... and yeah again, her name is S-R-I-Y-A and not S-R-E-Y-A pronounced as in Sr-ae-ya, which is how the kid should be called!!


keerthicherukuri said...

Lol :) Maa bava koothuri peru Sriya...okkallante okkallu koodaa sarigga pilavaru ani gola peduthuntaadu...Shriya, Sreya, Shreya, Shiya ilaa evevo antaaruta...

Chandu said...

I can so relate to this :)

My name is Sharath, but people call and write sharat, sarat, sarath and whites made it shraawth while calling.

Hence my alias Chandu which is so un-khooni-able :)

Sireesha said...

I agree with you. I too am a victim. Please call me "Shireesha" too instead of Sireesha! And when it comes to writing down my name, I see all sorts of permutations and combinations:
Sireesha (the correct one)
Chireesha (can you believe this?)
and what not!!
And on my part, I always try to get someone else's name right. I believe that it's the minimum courtesy we can show for others.

Radha said...

north india lo work chesetappudu naa peru (sailaja) ni khooni chesina vidhaanam ni bharinchaleka... first part (radha) cheppi alane pilipinchukunedaanni... shelja... shaileja... shailuja... my god....
ippudu naa koothuri turn... koustubha ani pilavalante evariki noru thiragatla.. anduke ikkada kooda first part (vani) tho ne pani kaaninchaalsi vastondi..


Renuka said...

:) my problem is between Roshini and Roshni...many call "Roshni" sounding very north indian....which is not what it is :(

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