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Jul 6, 2011

Subhodayam - author ???

Since I happen to most of my Telugu reads from the local library, it so happens that I end up getting books with no beginning, ending at times if it is not me who is renting it.  I make sure to tell the librarian to not send me those books when I send someone else to pick and drop the books but still she forgets it most of the times and so do the children.

One such read happens to be Subhodayam, which is there from page 1 till end but the cover page, author  nothing that I know of.

so, if anyone happens to know who wrote it, please do let me know

The story is of a lady Radha Devi a very beautiful lady who is a single parent with a very abnormally dark-complexioned and not at all good looking son.  She brings up the kid with good values; however, the college going son Syam is insulted by the students and friends and that kind of makes him feel inferior, especially so when the girl he happens to adore, Rekha, does that.  Turn of events lead Syam to rescue Rekha from some rowdies who tease her and bring her to his home.  Inspite of warnings from Radha to inform her parents and be cautious, the very next day the girl is found on the roads, raped and semi-comatose and coming to know of this news Syam and his mother rush to the hospital to reassure the girl.  Fate has it that the girl turns out to be the daughter of Syam's estranged father from a different mother.  Flashback reveals that Radha and Madhav have a love marriage but are separated when she gets raped and to add to that, Radha becomes pregnant.  Madhav totally refuses to come to terms with the fact that she was a victim and instead of being there to support her gets back into a shell.  He does not actually leave her because he thinks of what society would think but personally unable to come to terms gets distant from her.  Also, forces her to abort as he was certain the kid was not his, but seeing his emotional withdrawal Radha decides to go ahead with the pregnancy in spite of all odds hoping that there is a chance that it is their baby but one look at the baby the hopes are shattered but she could not leave the kid on the roads and decides to bring him up.  The husband in their own house without her knowledge gets into an affair with their landlord's innocent, semi-mad daughter and gets her pregnant.  When Radha and the landlady realize this, Radha gets them both married and brings up the child as a single parent away from the mess.

this man suddenly resurfaces and accuses Radha of taking a revenge on her by getting his daughter raped but with active involvement and help of the mother and son, police find the actual culprits.

The story ends somewhat rebelliously where the protagonist gets her son married to the victim Rekha, her ex-husband's daughter, though they are half-brother and sister in a way because technically they are born to different parents and not each other!!!!!

There were some real good points in the analysis and the way Radha comes to a conclusion with the choices in front of her but overall it is just an okay and not-really acceptable kind of a story line even to a rebel like me.

Any faint idea of who this author could be if you happen to read this??

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