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Jul 30, 2011

Women, bold, brash, rash!!!!

Yesterday, I had some free time on hand when the kid recovering from fever, slept for a while, no jobs in the queue and the need to fight daytime sleep topping the list and happened to catch on with Open Heart with Renuka Chowdary, the firebrand lady politician who did and does things out of the box and unheard of to a normal typical Telugu lady...

Coincidentally, through a link shared by a friend on FB I figure out that her father had expired and she lit the pyre yesterday.  Inspiring and great, since she is a well-known person and hence paving a way for many ladies who would actually love to do that, way to go Renuka!!!

To me, Renuka means a first-class Nautanki and definitely a very bold lady!  I say Nautanki because when she  is not seriously fighting/arguing/thrashing someone she is doing just that, I find her facial expressions funny, her feeling shy a bit too odd for the image she tries to portray :).

I have heard anecdotes about her like her bike riding, the photos of her on a tractor, thrashing people, throwing stones and stuff like that and after that her association with women protection bill from domestic violence which came under much scrutiny, which has its own misusers but most certainly a large chunk of abused getting benefit from.  In fact, it is the only bill against such so it is really precious one and she being there for it adds a lot more!  I really have seen parents who kind of breathe a sigh of relief and thank that lady for her efforts and genuine cases have been helped quite a lot and the terror of that bill keeps many not to dare doing so.

Her pub bharo was something that is undigestable to me to an extent but I guess to be heard such things are needed.

I have come to realize of late that for a woman to enter politics there are a lot of things that she needs to face, the first and foremost criticism from the fellow-women who would call her forward and fast for setting politics ahead of the family.  In a man eat man world, for a woman to gain foothold is a task in itself and if she is able to do that, well she has something!!!

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kanthi said...

I admire Mrs.Renuka chowdhury for her frankness,gutts and boldness.Seen the episode which was telecasted in open -heart with Rk,and even in Gorantha deepam.Avida ladies gurinchi chhepina quote chala baundhi..

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