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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Aug 25, 2011

Idli, Orchid, Will Power - Vithal Kamat

This is an awesome book for aspiring entrepreneurs. I wanted to get hold of the original book written by Mr. Kamat. It had been in my Wishlist of Flipkart for a while but stayed there because of the vow to complete what I have before I buy something new. But when I happened to get a book, in Telugu, translated by Yandamoori Veerendranath, from a friend, I just jumped with joy and it sure did not disappoint me. I usually refrain from reading translations when I can get hold of an original and understand the language it is originally written but this is an exception for the above stated reasons.

It is written in a simple and modest language and tone, appears to come straight from the heart with so many valuable lessons to pick up from.. Good read for biography lovers and even otherwise too.

It is by the way Idly, Wada, Aakasam in Telugu.

Aug 22, 2011

Asamardhuni Jeeva Yatra - Tripuraneni Gopichand

The book is supposedly a classic breakthrough in the modern Telugu literature, text book.  The book tackles each character with an ease, the interaction between characters, the inner friction of the characters, the life and times of an average person in the society who is unable to come to terms with reality and his inner being, living in his own world, seemingly a misfit in the society's fixed prototypes.  A lot of things impact the life of an individual and it is up to that person to build a coping mechanism and not to fall into an abyss.  The book tackles the psych of such confused individual "seetaramarao" his rise and fall and the lessons for us to learn from him.

A good read, not for light readers.

On a killing spree

Life in village comes with its highs and lows.. the pollution-free, close to nature lazy laid back life comes with its scary aspect as well.. While we enjoy the birds, flowers, greenery, etc., I am equally on my toes all the time keeping a lot of things at a safe distance..

the birds and their early morning ablutions make the front yard stink if unwashed even for a day!.
the crows snatch away stuff from kid's hands all the time, anything light weight left unattended gets picked up by them, half the day goes in shooing them away.
hens and rats dig the mud from the plant exposing the roots.
one keeps stumbling on frogs and many more frogs all the time, from the smallest to the largest and fattest size.
the insects that circle the lights at night-times make it impossible to open the doors at times with the lights on.
the houseflies round the year :(.
mosquitoes that invade the houses during planting and harvesting crop seasons.
the goats, calves, sheep, buffaloes, cows, etc. that run into the house and eat off my planted plants the moment the gate is left open by mistake.
the caterpillars during the rainy and winter seasons.
red and black ants round the year.
parrots and mynas that bite off the fruit from the trees and spill all over the yard..
the wasps that build nests within no time.
spiders weaving the webs.
termites biting off wood some place all the time....
the occasional scorpions, centipedes, etc. and the list goes on and on and on... and not to forget the scariest of all... the snakes!!!

So round the year, every single day one finds me on a killing spree...
**houseflies, squatting them, shooing them, spraying them and putting those medicated sugar cubes in corners... even clean the floor every single day with Lyzol, dettol, and scented phenyl :(.
** Shooing the crows and cranes using fire crackers every once in a while, wishing that they abandon their nests and find a home somewhere in an undisturbed area among so many abandoned homes.
**destroying the wasp nests, spider webs with a broom and a stick.
**draw Lakshman Rekhas all around the walls on the house for ants.
**use sambrani and create smoke for the mosquitoes to run out of the house, use nets at night, keep good night repellents and keeping the bedroom doors closed for a while and not to forget the mosquito bat battles.
**kill the caterpillars at sight because when they come in contact with human skin give a terrible itch and a rash.. those beautiful to-be butterflies killed ruthlessly :(.
**shoo the chicken and cattle away, keep the doors barred.
**use ratkill periodically in the yard and in the kitchen, away from kid's reach!

So, any given time you find me killing something or the other from the time I wake up to sleep.  I could not bring myself to do that earlier but now I am pro in that.  For a person like me, who never saw a snake other than in snake parks or on TV or movies, seeing it unwarranted itself was a shock of my life.  I had never set my eyes on one until I actually came to live here.  Now, with my killing expertise and as the need of the hour warrants, I even kill them.  Horror of horrors, I never thought that I would do that.  The moment I saw the snake, my reflex was kill it before it harms the kid!! just KILL IT.. yes, I killed a snake a month or so ago.  For a snake-movie lover like me, for a girl brought up with snake revenge stories and all, I killed one with my own hands and when one more got into a crack in the wall, I filled it with cement and buried it forever.  For people in village, it is a common thing but for me.. it is a biiiiiiig issue, something that signifies how much I have changed as a person, how much practicality has set in, how much I value my life more than anything and beneath all that peace-loving exterior that I portray, I am actually a killer.

I kill them because I perceive a harm from them to me.. if there were to be a court in the animal/insect/reptile kingdom, I would be hung every hour!.. but then again life is survival of the  fittest and struggle for survival even at the cost of other lives...

Aug 12, 2011

Watch at 13:23...

This was forwarded by a buddy in my online adda ;) and is the scene I loved the most... both in reel and real life.... the sweetest gesture, something which I might have watched over a 100 times :).

the run, the smile, the genuineness of it all.... !! Those who haven't already guessed it is Jyothika's mom and elder sis he was running to take photo with :).  Do I need to say Surya is my favorite hero time and again :).

Aug 11, 2011

Nerusu - C. Sujatha Kadhalu

Read this book from library, a collect of short stories, some I could understand and relate to well, some which took time to sink in.  The author is not a seasoned writer as per the foreword and it shows that the words come from the core of the heart.  At a glance over the book and stories, the author comes across as a feminist or a communist but I guess she is a humanist :).   Good read.

However, there is something that I do not really understand... what does Nerusu mean, I tried to find the meaning in the story titled nerusu but of no use.  any one has any ideas?

The story titled Nerusu is along these lines... It is about 2 friends, one a journalist and other a domestic help abroad.  The helping aide is resisting her going to Arab countries to work because she not only does manual labor but is also exploited sexually too, she finds neither pleasure nor pain to it and is kind of blanked out with the events that happen to her and the body even to the extent that the increasing number of abortions or the fact that there is a life that she kills each time does not really sink into her.  She has to go because of the circumstances at home, because she needs to clear the loans of her family back home, her life is at a stake for mere 6K that is sent to her family.  She goes to her friend before getting into flight to get back to work.  In the city, the friend takes a leave from the office citing the reason of her friend to the boss who gives a hint that she needs to be there for support morally but the boss here wants a cover page story of the helpless girl's plight and her feelings and the friend had to agree because she would lose the job otherwise.  Both the girls succumb to the pressures around them... end up doing what they least want to do though the means are different they are oppressed, there is pain waiting to burst out, there are tears rolling out but still some day there is a hope.

The subtle yet strong hint that in this business-like world people are the commodities...

the story ends with laughter, the laughter to cover tears, sorrow... !!
Vimala - what do you want to buy when coming back
Karuna - work for 2 years, clear the loans, work for another two buy a husband
and buy a lot of scents...
Vimala - Get me some too.. I need to cover the stink from me too. I am the dirt, I guess no matter what that odor will never leave me.. "Nene oka durgandham" :(
Karuna - Pls. dont say so... let us do one thing we will buy a husband each and they burst into peels of laughter..

Really really touching... but still I dont get the meaning of Nerusu... any help????

Aug 10, 2011

Karpoora Kalika - Aadimadhyam Ramanamma

This is a novel of the author Ramanamma garu who expired in year 1996 leading a full life.  This book came as a serial in 1986 in Andhra Jyothi.  Her son now brings it to print as a tribute to her writing and her.

It is the story about an extremely beautiful girl admitted to a mental asylum, the story unveils in bits and pieces of flash backs when a new doctor comes to the hospital and he turns out to be the girl's father's sister's son.. menatta koduku.  It is a typical household drama with a different twist.  Hema, the protagonist's father's first wife dies and he marries another lady to take care of Hema, the lady is very kind and looks after her as her own daughter but due to some misunderstandings, the wife and his sister have an argument which leads to upturning of life of everyone involved.  To take revenge on his wife for insulting his sister, the father secretly sends money to his sister to educate her son who he wants to be married to Hema, all unbeknownst to the family and with his sudden death the family is on roads, the sister never looks back and the now helpless family is shattered, what events lead to her mental instability and finally her death is all about the story.. a very quick and okay read..

Aug 7, 2011

Chimata Music..

I am not really a tech savvy person and it was not until recently that i learnt to write a CD and stuff, yes, I blog and yes I work on the net and spend a whole lot of time on the net but not really techie, techie.. In fact, each time I run into a problem it is either my bro or Dileep who help me out with that... I just know what I need to know, nothing much, very basic to the point knowledge.

I was introduced to this online listening a while ago to Raaga by a few friends but when it comes to old songs, my maama has suggested this Chimata music  and what I really like about this site and listening to songs on it is that it gives that old world feeling, that khich khich noise which used to come when we used to listen to radio as children in grandmother's house, that not really crystal clear voice recording, something that takes me to my childhood.  In this world of clarity and technology, it feels good to remember the old world charm and so it is Chimata for me :).. give it a try when you find time.

Vipula - One of the current best reads

Check out the latest link here

I dont really remember when I first got to read Vipula, I was still in school and fell in love with the wide variety of stories, translated and original from languages across India and world.  The translations are usually of very good quality, the content great.  For a person who kind of hates reading translations because of losing the essence, they really are great as they dont really put me off, they kind of retain their nativity even through conversion and that is the best part about it.

It has a good mix of stories and special articles.

Of the newest lot, I love reading Kadhakula File which gives a short briefing of the author and one of their works similar to one of my favorite parts in Navya, the weekly from AndhraJyothi group.
Pustaka Sameeksha also gives me a good review of latest Telugu releases.  Mushaaira, a corner for poetry (which I personally cannot really enjoy that much :) as I lack sensitivity to that aspect of writing).

The best and the latest Ee kadha meede which gives an intro scene of a story and leaves it to the imagination of the readers/writers inviting entries to complete it, the best of which is published in the next month.  This one ignites the spark in me to write but I procrastinate and it is time for the next release already :))))... some day maybe!!

A good and must read if you happen to like Telugu stories, a wide variety with quality, totally awesome package.

Marokadu, mari konni kadhalu - K.V.S. Verma

A collection of 18 short stories, very impressive, sets one thinking, small day to day stuff to deep truths of existence, survival and many more. Loved majority of them, very intense content in simple wording. One of the books that makes me crave for more such reading.

Vaikuntha Paali - KRK Mohan

An average Telugu novel which reminds me of some old Telugu movie.. story of a boy born in a very poor family, whose parents and the family dies under various circumstances, by and large evils of poverty.  A twist of fate leads him to be one of the top-rated businessmen and philanthropists in the country. The rise and fall of a guy who has seen almost everything in life and finally succumbs to the evil shades of his actual business, smuggling!

Aug 3, 2011

Child Sexual Abuse - A good video!

Check out!
Check out! Loved the tactful and sensitive manner in which Dr. Bhooshan has handled the kids. He sounded approachable, friendly and cool to the kids without scaring them with the lecture kind of a feel, just cool casual talk making them aware of the most practical thing to protect themselves, amazing, hats off to the creators of the video.

It is a good practice to teach the kids from a very young age, very very young to begin with in my personal opinion, to protect themselves, to let them know it is okay to tell any concerns to the trusted ones, it is okay that they trust the parents with stuff they are subjected to. It is our job to convince them that it is not a crime or something wrong if someone else does something wrong to them, their bodies, their feelings. They need to get out of that guilt and fear and feel free to express and get help and security.

I practice little things like
** Talking to the kid while washing her bum and tell her that only mom, grandma or xyz should be allowed to touch the bottom, no one else.. every day, just like that, not an advise, just some casual talk.
**Same ritual at bath time when cleaning up the private parts, undressing, and simple things like not letting any new person, that mamma does not know to remove her clothing.
**Toilet training, bathing are two periods when I think the topic can be popped without sounding preachy, casual yet convincing time to have a firm talk without actually scaring the kid.

Please pass it on!!

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