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Aug 7, 2011

Chimata Music..

I am not really a tech savvy person and it was not until recently that i learnt to write a CD and stuff, yes, I blog and yes I work on the net and spend a whole lot of time on the net but not really techie, techie.. In fact, each time I run into a problem it is either my bro or Dileep who help me out with that... I just know what I need to know, nothing much, very basic to the point knowledge.

I was introduced to this online listening a while ago to Raaga by a few friends but when it comes to old songs, my maama has suggested this Chimata music  and what I really like about this site and listening to songs on it is that it gives that old world feeling, that khich khich noise which used to come when we used to listen to radio as children in grandmother's house, that not really crystal clear voice recording, something that takes me to my childhood.  In this world of clarity and technology, it feels good to remember the old world charm and so it is Chimata for me :).. give it a try when you find time.

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