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Aug 25, 2011

Idli, Orchid, Will Power - Vithal Kamat

This is an awesome book for aspiring entrepreneurs. I wanted to get hold of the original book written by Mr. Kamat. It had been in my Wishlist of Flipkart for a while but stayed there because of the vow to complete what I have before I buy something new. But when I happened to get a book, in Telugu, translated by Yandamoori Veerendranath, from a friend, I just jumped with joy and it sure did not disappoint me. I usually refrain from reading translations when I can get hold of an original and understand the language it is originally written but this is an exception for the above stated reasons.

It is written in a simple and modest language and tone, appears to come straight from the heart with so many valuable lessons to pick up from.. Good read for biography lovers and even otherwise too.

It is by the way Idly, Wada, Aakasam in Telugu.


చందు said...

I have this book. It's ok to read once.

teja said...

I read this about 2 years ago..loved it...I can say this is one of the book to refuel my self

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