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Aug 10, 2011

Karpoora Kalika - Aadimadhyam Ramanamma

This is a novel of the author Ramanamma garu who expired in year 1996 leading a full life.  This book came as a serial in 1986 in Andhra Jyothi.  Her son now brings it to print as a tribute to her writing and her.

It is the story about an extremely beautiful girl admitted to a mental asylum, the story unveils in bits and pieces of flash backs when a new doctor comes to the hospital and he turns out to be the girl's father's sister's son.. menatta koduku.  It is a typical household drama with a different twist.  Hema, the protagonist's father's first wife dies and he marries another lady to take care of Hema, the lady is very kind and looks after her as her own daughter but due to some misunderstandings, the wife and his sister have an argument which leads to upturning of life of everyone involved.  To take revenge on his wife for insulting his sister, the father secretly sends money to his sister to educate her son who he wants to be married to Hema, all unbeknownst to the family and with his sudden death the family is on roads, the sister never looks back and the now helpless family is shattered, what events lead to her mental instability and finally her death is all about the story.. a very quick and okay read..

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