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Aug 22, 2011

On a killing spree

Life in village comes with its highs and lows.. the pollution-free, close to nature lazy laid back life comes with its scary aspect as well.. While we enjoy the birds, flowers, greenery, etc., I am equally on my toes all the time keeping a lot of things at a safe distance..

the birds and their early morning ablutions make the front yard stink if unwashed even for a day!.
the crows snatch away stuff from kid's hands all the time, anything light weight left unattended gets picked up by them, half the day goes in shooing them away.
hens and rats dig the mud from the plant exposing the roots.
one keeps stumbling on frogs and many more frogs all the time, from the smallest to the largest and fattest size.
the insects that circle the lights at night-times make it impossible to open the doors at times with the lights on.
the houseflies round the year :(.
mosquitoes that invade the houses during planting and harvesting crop seasons.
the goats, calves, sheep, buffaloes, cows, etc. that run into the house and eat off my planted plants the moment the gate is left open by mistake.
the caterpillars during the rainy and winter seasons.
red and black ants round the year.
parrots and mynas that bite off the fruit from the trees and spill all over the yard..
the wasps that build nests within no time.
spiders weaving the webs.
termites biting off wood some place all the time....
the occasional scorpions, centipedes, etc. and the list goes on and on and on... and not to forget the scariest of all... the snakes!!!

So round the year, every single day one finds me on a killing spree...
**houseflies, squatting them, shooing them, spraying them and putting those medicated sugar cubes in corners... even clean the floor every single day with Lyzol, dettol, and scented phenyl :(.
** Shooing the crows and cranes using fire crackers every once in a while, wishing that they abandon their nests and find a home somewhere in an undisturbed area among so many abandoned homes.
**destroying the wasp nests, spider webs with a broom and a stick.
**draw Lakshman Rekhas all around the walls on the house for ants.
**use sambrani and create smoke for the mosquitoes to run out of the house, use nets at night, keep good night repellents and keeping the bedroom doors closed for a while and not to forget the mosquito bat battles.
**kill the caterpillars at sight because when they come in contact with human skin give a terrible itch and a rash.. those beautiful to-be butterflies killed ruthlessly :(.
**shoo the chicken and cattle away, keep the doors barred.
**use ratkill periodically in the yard and in the kitchen, away from kid's reach!

So, any given time you find me killing something or the other from the time I wake up to sleep.  I could not bring myself to do that earlier but now I am pro in that.  For a person like me, who never saw a snake other than in snake parks or on TV or movies, seeing it unwarranted itself was a shock of my life.  I had never set my eyes on one until I actually came to live here.  Now, with my killing expertise and as the need of the hour warrants, I even kill them.  Horror of horrors, I never thought that I would do that.  The moment I saw the snake, my reflex was kill it before it harms the kid!! just KILL IT.. yes, I killed a snake a month or so ago.  For a snake-movie lover like me, for a girl brought up with snake revenge stories and all, I killed one with my own hands and when one more got into a crack in the wall, I filled it with cement and buried it forever.  For people in village, it is a common thing but for me.. it is a biiiiiiig issue, something that signifies how much I have changed as a person, how much practicality has set in, how much I value my life more than anything and beneath all that peace-loving exterior that I portray, I am actually a killer.

I kill them because I perceive a harm from them to me.. if there were to be a court in the animal/insect/reptile kingdom, I would be hung every hour!.. but then again life is survival of the  fittest and struggle for survival even at the cost of other lives...


Radha said...

:) papam

Minal said...

Woah- yOu killed a snake? Somehow, I cannot even bear to look at them- as in, not even on television or pictures.

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