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Aug 7, 2011

Vipula - One of the current best reads

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I dont really remember when I first got to read Vipula, I was still in school and fell in love with the wide variety of stories, translated and original from languages across India and world.  The translations are usually of very good quality, the content great.  For a person who kind of hates reading translations because of losing the essence, they really are great as they dont really put me off, they kind of retain their nativity even through conversion and that is the best part about it.

It has a good mix of stories and special articles.

Of the newest lot, I love reading Kadhakula File which gives a short briefing of the author and one of their works similar to one of my favorite parts in Navya, the weekly from AndhraJyothi group.
Pustaka Sameeksha also gives me a good review of latest Telugu releases.  Mushaaira, a corner for poetry (which I personally cannot really enjoy that much :) as I lack sensitivity to that aspect of writing).

The best and the latest Ee kadha meede which gives an intro scene of a story and leaves it to the imagination of the readers/writers inviting entries to complete it, the best of which is published in the next month.  This one ignites the spark in me to write but I procrastinate and it is time for the next release already :))))... some day maybe!!

A good and must read if you happen to like Telugu stories, a wide variety with quality, totally awesome package.

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