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Sep 22, 2011

Accidental Time Traveler - Sharon Griffiths

Well, thanks to my platinum membership in British Library I am getting to read a lot of British Authors these days, the English is better structured in terms of syntax and grammar and no real dramatic change so the transition has been easy :).

Loved this fiction work of Sharon Griffiths.  The transition between the past and present and blending it beautifully in a story, that mystery element well preserved is what I liked the best in the book.  It is about a journalist Rosie who has this serious row with her committed boyfriend and suddenly she finds herself in a house in 1950s, minus the accessories and peripherals of life like a cell phone, TV or any latest gadgets that make life easy and how she begins life thinking she was in some kind of a reality show like Big Brother and the characters that she sees, the way she is torn between, past and present, going in and out of the conscious semi conscious modes is well written.  A good read after a long time.  Thoroughly enjoyed it.. :).

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