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Sep 7, 2011

Blogs on Issues

To begin the posts for Tejaswee and IHM that I intend to do in the process giving words to my random racing thoughts in a specific direction on a specific topic, I begin here with my opinion on giving back and helping out... list of blogs on gender issues, women empowerment etc.

I am aware certain issues that plague children, women, disabled, destitute and poverty-stricken in this nation but am not really a person who would actually go looking through to learn more of them and try to analyze the solutions they have offered.  In stead, I believe in tackling the issues, that happen right in front of my eyes.  We would most certainly be called meddlesome, idle, cranky women high on hormone surge if we start involve on any particular issue at grass root level but I still strongly believe that the change has to begin with me, my outlook, my way of leading my own life.  It is easy to lecture but tough to follow!

Alternatively, the best way to get into giving back to the society is through organizations also set up with a basic framework.  Easy, pick one of your choice and see what you can do and get that info as much as possible from the sources available on the net and see in which way you can contribute, volunteering giving your time or money whatever be your preference.

To me, IHM is one blog that handles a wide variety of issues and that is more than enough for my quota of reading as I am not a serious issue-blog reader.

Gender issues, in particular, I might seem to be a feminist at a glance but not really, I take the gender bias issues like any other issue with the same amount of passion, nothing much, nothing less.  To me basic needs come first and then the need for empowerment, be it man, woman or a child.  Agreed, the plight of women and all but I am yet to get there!


Minal said...

hey- all well with you? you were not keeping well- right?

indianhomemaker said...

//I still strongly believe that the change has to begin with me, my outlook, my way of leading my own life.//
I so agree!

//To me basic needs come first//
But what would do you think is basic need? Food? Shelter? Safety? A right to life? Freedom to be happy, well fed etc? Freedom from violence/beatings? And for all men, women and children?

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