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Sep 22, 2011

The Day of The Jackal - Frederick Forsyth

For a thriller lover like me Frederick Forsyth is a boon :). Just totally totally loved this book of his when I read it the first time around and wanted to read a few more of his books but somehow could not!

This book is about a professional killer/assassin who is hired by a French Terrorist Group OAS to kill the president of France. It is an out and out fiction except for the way of life led by the French President and it also brings out the loop hole in issuing passports, not checking the death certificates when issuing a passport and a few such things. I liked the ending where it is leaves out giving the info about the true identity of the assassin.

I watched the movie first and then the book and no points for guessing, I love the book better but when I watched the movie, it was no less :), so take a pick whatever, if you love thrillers, this author might be the one for you :).


Usha said...

Thanks for the review, Sree! I am not a big of a read but the last 3-4 days, I am itching to read. I read Southern Lights by Danielle Steel on wednesday and am looking for another book. This might be the next book.. :)

Kranthi said...

Saw the movie long time back. Yeah..the movie rocks !
Havent read the book yet. may be sometime later !

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