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Sep 6, 2011

In Memory of Tejaswee..

The Indian Homemaker, aka.. IHM has launched contest and awards in memory of her loving daughter Tejaswi who left this world for her heavenly abode last year. Check here.  I have been planning to do some posts in the categories mentioned in the blog for a while but somehow it slipped my mind and laid there among the numerous to-do, yet-to-start projects that keep floating on in my mind until today I saw a reminder in IHM's blog.  I got to know Tejaswee very late, her letter to future shows her love for life and liveliness and there is a place etched in my heart forever.

It is painful to move on for a mother when the child who came out of her own flesh and blood and grew up into a beautiful individual inside out just vanishes into thin air... memories haunt.. pain hits in waves, here it comes and here it goes.. grief, mourning, gloom everywhere.  It is such an inexplicable feeling.  I felt a sharp, stabbing pain when my grandmother passed away and can relate to it in a way, It gives me shudders thinking it is multifold for a mother... that feeling of guilt of the daughter taking leave before her, in front of her own eyes, that helplessness, that shock of it all.  I admire the way IHM handled all this, she grieved and let it go, drained out her emotions before they drained her out and is getting involved in a lot of things, awareness, helping out people in distress while fighting her own battles.  She is one strong lady who moves forward despite everything and is trying to move on, letting her daughter's soul free, I am sure Tejaswee is going to be proud of it all, the way she is going on with it, working for a cause in the name of her daughter, keeping her memories alive.  I see it like this, she got the daughter into the world, had a wonderful time with her and then the kid suddenly disappears and is back within her, for the lifetime, in every fabric of her being!

As my tribute to Tejaswee, I intend to do a post on all the topics enlisted out in the categories, not for the contest, but for her.  So, IHM and Tejaswee, this is for you both...

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Indian Home Maker said...

Hugs Sree. And many thanks. -IHM

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