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Sep 14, 2011

Naanna - Movie Review

I am a die-hard movie maniac, can watch a movie any number of times and cry and laugh with the same intensity as the first viewing and actually really enjoy watching movies... well, this is a redundant loop that I get into each time I mention movies...

It has been a while since I watched it but took time now to write about it :).

Naanna, we watched because of the title, the theater was the most dabba-est one, even when compared to our Poornima Dabba.. Ganga Mahal in GDW, some seats taken out... no a/c, open door, old world kind of a theater just opposite one of the poshest theaters, Bommarillu, YVS Chowdary's theater which is a class apart from this one.  Forgetting the appearance of the theater.. there were around 10 people in all in the theater.. 3 families to be precise :).

Though the movie is kind of a rip off of "I am Sam" a Sean Penn movie, it touched a nerve somewhere, loved the movie... the actors were simply superb... the kid was the best in all, just burst into tears seeing the kid mime in the court room in the climax.. superb acting!!!  Vikram did his best, Sara, the kid was plain awesome.. she reminded me of Sreya in certain angles :), well then again, all kids in similar dressing look the same to me :).  Anushka was good too... other than that crazy song and yearning for Vikram, everything in the movie, neat!!!!  well again, the song and situation is crazy but the picturization I like like like...

The story line is about the struggle of a developmentally delayed father whose mental age stops at 7, fighting to get the custody of his daughter... touching!!!

kaakulu enduku nallagaa untay naana - endalo tirigutay kada..
chetlu endugu podugga unnay  - valla daddy podugu kada :).
Enugu endugu laavugaa untundi - adi boledanta tintundi kada... chaala chaaala chaaaaaaaaaaaala nacchindi, simple unrealistic answers that seem so apt for the kid, being a kid with the kids, not theoretically practically.

The kid went crazy with that okanoka oorulona song.. check the trailer here.. and I loved that superb kaaki raaaju song :).

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