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Sep 23, 2011

Okkadu - Inaganti Venkatrao - A political biography of CBN

Well, this was a long pending read considering my love for biographies and of course admiration for CBN.  Maybe I passed it on unknowingly but the kids loves him too..crisp, yellow shirt and white beard.. it is Chandra Babu Naidu for her, any time any day she just stops and comes running if he sees him on TV, on paper anywhere, I guess one dedicated fan of his she is.

One thing I attribute this to is her love for yellow :) but whatever I like it :).

Coming to the book, it begins with the Alipiri incident of 2003, a people's war attack on him and the dwells into the group, its work mode and the reason it targets CBN in their hit list.  One reason I like this book, it does seem like a very pro-CBN write up.  It probes into his political career, a little bit of life in between but by and large focuses on his decisions and their outcomes analyzing the pros and cons.  No where did the author makes us feel that he is a CBN sycophant and that is what hooks me on it.  Even though it is a political biography I did not feel bored reading it.  One because it portrays CBN as a statesman rather than a politician.  It brings out nicely the way he combined politics with administration and good governance in implementation began with him.

A very good to read nonobjectively and base an opinion!!!

Me on CBN

He knew very well that he neither had the charisma or the following of NTR or the enormous political history of Congress to get through into politics when he came to cross-roads with extra-parliamentary forces like CBN.  I would not totally agree and neither would he that it was totally in public interest he did all that he did.  The reason I like the guy is he took public interest along with his personal goals to carve an undeniable niche for himself.

I remember feeling good about Hyderabad each time I came down from Bangalore, something new, something fresh.  I remember the way he has taken AP from a dot on the map to the notice of bigwigs in the financial hubs of the world.  I remember the discipline he brought in the govt. offices... unbelievable.  For the first time in life govt. employees were actually working, things were getting done.  I saw that clear change because it was about the same period was running around for some certificates and stuff and was shocked to see prompt responses, things that actually took days and months were actually getting done.  The staff are actually found in the seats when we approach them.. For the first time, I witnessed a politician who actually worked and made people work.. and needless to say, fell in love with him and also I revel in the fact that our birthdays are just 2 days apart, maybe the planetary power or something but something really clicks.

He is cunning, fine (maybe it is essential) but without that he wont survive in that place.

I personally have this feeling that he focused all energy and financial reserves of the state to develop just Hyderabad and thereby fueling this war for Hyderabad but then gradually when I think deeper and analyze, he was looking at overall development and it is just that he did not have enough time.  Hyd and Vza pre and post CBN is a proof in itself.  I would love CBN and JP join hands, blending in their ideologies and work out some kind of a partnership and evolve into some power to reckon politically...

sigggghh... speaking of dreams!!!

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