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Oct 4, 2011


Finally after a lot of ooh-aahing from the friends across the globe about how honey drippingly cute Mahesh is and all that, managed to go and watch Dookudu in GDV, was worried I will not be getting tickets considering people were telling me the prices were around 500 to 700 in black and all. We went at around 12:30 for 2:30 show and the balcony tickets were over by then (apparently available in black for 150/-) and directed to another non-a/c theater, we took up the second alternative and braved it out in the non-a/c dabba hall but thank fully climate was not that bad or sticky!!

Coming to the movie, it might have gotten tremendous openings only because of nothing else is going on as good at this time and Mahesh did a decent movie after a looooooooooooooooong time..but it is definitely not an all-time good movie of Mahesh and I most definitely would not be watching this movie another time in theater ever and on TV too at the max just another time. It kind of looked like a patchwork movie typical of Srinu Vytla, too many punch dialogues, at times I felt as if the need to produce a punch dialogue dominated the scene requirement though some of them were really good. I have seen Mahesh look better. Mahesh's accent too seemed all patched up when and why and how it changed it left me wondering why? Leaving the logic behind, if we just want some eye candy and mindless intermittent fun, we can go for it...and another thing I liked in the movie is the way it is made a multistarrer without actual presence of those stars.. NTR, ANR, Nagarjuna, Krishna.. all the 3 bigwig movie families presented decently forgetting the actual rivalry, must say truly a bold experiment.

Sainikudu, Athidhi, Khaleja (I was kind of giving it up that he would choose good subjects any longer), though I kind of liked Khaleja the other two were yuckkkk!! Maybe going with too much of expectations ruined the fun for me or maybe not.. 


Anonymous said...

I liked khaleja more than dookudu. The same old Vaitla film and incorporation of mafia. 90% of the villains in telugu movies are mafia dons.
nice blog overall,a good collection of books you have read. Malladi is better than YV. Atleast, he is not a pretender

Sree said...

:).. I guess I had watched the movie with higher expectations which killed it for me.

I have not read much of Mallaadi except for the short stories translated ones that get published in Vipula Chatura or elsewhere, so cannot really comment on that.

Thank you for dropping by and commenting.

kanthi said...

Dookudu is good when compared to the other movies u referred sree..the combo of director with mahesh is gud.Atleast we r not disappointed this time,with mahesh movies.

Kranthi said...

Except for Brahmanandam..Dookudu for me is a big NO . The 3 scenes of Brahmi i loved:
1. his sms request
2.his super-fast multiple expressions(pogaru,karuna etc etc )
3.his talking to pen in the climax

P.S : yeah..i know.., october post ki novemberlo comment.... toooooo late :-)

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