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Oct 20, 2011

Good Morning, Midnight - Reginald Hill

For a different and easy flow reader like me this book was quite a task to finish and come to think of it that I had taken a week to read a large-print 400 pager, it speaks for itself.

The book is a murder mystery by Reginald Hill, in fact a copy-cat suicide mystery where the son follows the exact same pattern as the father 10 years prior.  How the story unveils and mystery untangles forms the crux of the story.  A dysfunctional family, a business-mad father who kind of lost his identity in an overseas merger who kills himself, a step mother with a past, un-accepting elder stepchildren, son and a daughter and a doting and loving third step daughter, who gets married to the takeover guy, a bird-crazy aunt, spouses of these children, their affairs, and a whole lot of investigative agency, their lives and people in them, kind of too very cluttered!!!!... and finally when the end comes, I am glad it got over.

 Too many characters introduced too early on kind of confused the flow of my reading and I could not really get out of that confusing mode for quite some time.  Even a bad cramp could not get me focus on the pages of a mystery, so I guess this is not my kind of a read; however, it gets interesting towards the end, too many of loose ends, not really getting anywhere.

I guess this book is kind of a series of crime novels starring Pascoe and Dalziel and their weird way and style of working together and how all comes to a conclusion, kind of lost me because I am not really aware of those two and the author really does not take too much of pain to set a tone for these characters to begin with and just dives into the story.

Maybe I should begin at the beginning to understand the flow of the author better...

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