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Oct 20, 2011

Prarthana - Yandamoori Veerendranath

So, after the stretched out read of GMM, I needed something to break the slow reading spell and took Prarthana, a book by YV based on Robin Cook Fiction Fever, the battle of a father with the cancer and cancer-curing drug makers and system in general intertwined with fiction suitable for telugu readbuds (eeks I suck at it but this is my version of taste-buds for book readers).

Like other investigative novels there is quite a lot of information and data to absorb from this book regarding, cancer drugs, braille font, corporate culture in pharmaceutical drug industries, the hospitals and research centers, etc and the data just does not look boring or bearing.   The story line is quite intricate with a widowed scientist who is left with his 3 young children, the eldest daughter is Prarthana.  She gets her dad married to a teacher from her school and ironically on the very next day of their wedding it is discovered that the kid suffers from leukemia at a very critical point, how the ground shatters from beneath the father's feet when he realizes what he has been convinced all through that the actually-touted panacea is not all that good and that very same method is used to treat his daughter.  The way he rebels, joined by another employee of the research center, who stands by him through his thick and thin tolerating the worst possible health and personal hazards and how it all ends in finding a cure for cancer under very trying circumstances.

More than the book, the "Swagatham" portion of it by YV touched me.  In that part, he comes across as a person with genuine feel about wrongdoers of the society.. by the way, it is 2009 editions that I currently have!!


Shree said...

After a long time, I remembered reading this book today. I was talking to one of my friends (who also loves YV). When I googled, your blog came up.

While Fever is an excellent book, YV's version far excels the original book. YV adds a handicapped character that takes revenge. This character addition in itself is a superb imagination.

(Shreenatha Narayana)

Sree said...

True andi,

YV always succeeds in excelling the original with his personal touch, he is now my favorite author.

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