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Oct 18, 2011

RIP Bobby (Rubin Preetham)

Bobby as he lovingly introduced himself to me around 10 yrs. ago when I was new to office and Bangalore, a good friend who made the surroundings lighter by his presence, very friendly a real lovable friend, a very sensitive guy despite the tough exterior he tried to project.

Rubin Preetham, I came to know this morning through FB updates is no longer there with us physically.  It came as a shocker, tough to digest, a hard lump that just refuses to go away!!!  Heart attack at this young age.. unbelievable!!!!!!   Though we hardly interacted over years, it was enough just to know he was around and that would bring a smile on my face.  Good bye my friend! RIP..................:(((... and this reminds as to how much shorter the life is and how unpredictable....

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