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My world comprises of LO the little one, OA the other adult at home, kiddo the brother :)

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Oct 11, 2011

This and That

There are a lot of things happening in life..

still coughing but happy happy not wheezing.. yay!! life seems all too good!
the kid is at school and I get a little more settled in the job.
catching up on lives of a lot of people in real life that I admire, courtesy HS - The Hot Seat!! yay!!!
back to watching a whole lot of new movies on the screen... yay!!
Reading a lot of good books, listening to music...yay!!!.
This damn sakala janula samme is beating the hell out of us, power cuts more than 8 hrs...nay!!!!
everything is twice as costly.. nay!!
travel is a mess.. we never know when we reach the destination thanks to the dharnas all over the place... NAY!!!
the crops are drying out..barely any rain..nay!!!
it feels like it is hottest summer ever despite approaching winter months. naaay!!!
looks like half the world  is busy reproducing.. a lot of people I know around me and everywhere show up with a bump, not that I am complaining... loads of cutie pies on their way.. yay!!


Kalyani said...

Hello Sree,

I came across your blog by accident of course! It was so interesting to read that I was even thinking about your blog and your feelings whenever possible. I am not internet friendly and this is my first comment ever on the internet. That's the power of your blog I guess. Hope you have peaceful life..... Regards, Kalyani

Sree said...

am honored, thank you so much Kalyani.

Kalyani said...

It took me two days to get courage to create gmail acct so I can send comments to you:) I do not have access to "Social Networking" at work. I had to wait until I got home...hoping you would reply immediately....and you did. thanks

Sree said...

I was just about to wind up for the day at work and check the mail, I dont actually get your mail id here andi, you can send it in and I wont publish the comment that way, you will get my mail id too without disclosing it in open.

Radha said...

:) good one

Prasanna Rayaprolu said...

Amazing Blog!!!!!!!!

Prasanna Rayaprolu said...

Amazing blog!!!

Sree said...

Prasanna, thank you

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