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Oct 26, 2011

A Visit From the Good Squad - Jennifer Egan

First book of the author again.. supposedly one of the 2010 New York time best sellers this book did get me really interested at the outset describing the two main characters whose journey of ups and downs and highs and lows in their personal and professional (records and musicals of west) lives, Sasha and Bennie.

I really liked the way Sasha, the PA for an ageing music mogul who has been with him through her formative years through much later in life, was introduced, her feelings expressed, her compulsiveness to steal or rather pick items that she thinks she will replace later but not find time to do again, a comfort stealer getting therapy and then Bennie, using Gold flakes 'cos they are believed to be aphrodisiac the way he feels for a marriage that is over, his own tiny way of getting back at his wife through mind games or in his mind.. very subtle psychological insight into two individuals around whom the story is framed..

but then gradually, the author lost me in the musical setting and youthful struggles of young musicians, etc... okay read!!  I had skipped a lot of pages just to get to the end of the book :).. but then that is me.. if you have time to spare, then maybe fine! 

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