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Nov 30, 2011

Tulasi - Yandamoori Veerandranath

Supposed to be a sequel to his previous novel Tulasi Dalam where a 11-year-old girl is rescued by her father and friends from the clutches of an evil creature Kashmora and death of Kaadra, the sequel shows the grown up girl Tulasi and the belief as to how Kashmora gets reactivated with more powers after 11 years and how this time the girl will most certainly die.

The book is a good read for a reader like me who loves such stories.  However, there is always a linkup, scientific backing for everything happening and the question of whether the witchcraft and wizardry as mentioned exists or not is left hanging..

Pratidaaniki Hetuvaadi drushtito choostoo raayadam.. makes the book an interesting read!

Nov 29, 2011

A Mother's Hope - Katie Flynn

A story about 2 foundlings who meet by accident and start living together by chance and decide to make it permanent by choice standing by each other through thick and thin touched my heart.

A typical non-complex no-nonsense my type of easy-flow read!

Albert who prefers to call himself Martin is  an albino and an orphan meets Gertrude who prefers to call herself Rose meet by accident when both of them go job hunting in terrible raining weather.  Albert unable to take in the ridicule due to his skin condition gets out of the YMCA and sleeps rough at night near doorsteps in his sleeping bag and Rose a pregnant teenage (15 yrs) unwed girl whose mother left her during the blitz at a doorstep with the note that she will come back but could never really make it who gets assaulted by the incharge's husband at a girls camp meet up unexpectedly how they stay with each other through thick and thin and how they come together forms the story line.

Loved reading it!

Siggestondi - Yandamoori Veerendranath

A fiction that springs from the daily harassment of woman and children in one way or the other in the society, the problems of middle class working families, the troubles with residential school system, the sexual harassment day in and day out, subtly, harshly encountered by women..

The fear, the lack of it, the consequences of being forthright and society conscious... there are times when I could relate to the protagonist in the way I think.

As usual, I like the ending the explanation at the end by the author as to what led him to write this one.

Nov 23, 2011

Trip to SOS village

A few of us might know about the SOS villages in India.  I happened to visit one village in Hyderabad recently with the kid and OA.

HERE.. The village in Hyderabad consists of 12 families.  Each family has a house and a mother with a few kids assigned to her.  It is a normal household, the kids have family ties like mother, sister, brother and uncles and aunties.  They go to school, they have tutions, they play, they grow up in a wholesome environment.

The first time I got to know about it I was like, well the concept sounds good, it better be good in implementation as well.  I have seen so many places who form a charitable organization for the name of it and nothing is hygienic but the first feel as we enter this village is that it is truly an ashram, midst greenery and clean fresh air.

We tried calling up the numbers provided on the Hyd site  but due to some faulty phone lines could not reach them and decided to carry on with the trip no matter what, just chose the evening time because all the kids would be back from schools by then.  Did not know what to take and how to go about, so just took a few sweets to give them to the kids, did not know the number of kids nor the number of families.

As we reach and enter the campus I am like in love with that place there is a place assigned for ducks and pigeons where they tried to provide a natural habitat kind of thing for them where they were brooding and living normally, there was so much of greenery and order.  There was peace all around, the kids started coming one after the other. the management was good in receiving us introduced us to the families, wanted us to have a trip, get the feel of how things are and go and see any family we wanted to.  We wanted the kid to distribute sweets but they denied for the reason they were not sure if he had enough for all the families and that they will do the needful but agreed to take a few to the families and give it to the mother of the family we wanted to visit.

The children were good, friendly and got used well to the culture there.  There was discipline in general.. the kids were a little unruly here and there but then that is normal everywhere.  Sponsoring a kid there for education, food or in general is something really worthy is what I felt after that visit.

The boys are transferred to a youth house after they are 14 as the mother might not control the adolescent behavior but the girls stay within the family.  even if the children go to hostels for higher studies, they do visit home like normal kids too.. the eldest kid in the village was doing her degree and was staying in a hostel.. the youngest entrant to the village was a girl "Sai" a 2-day old now 7 year old who is loved by everyone in the village as their own.. the medical and day-to-day needs are taken care of well.

For NRIs or high-earning individuals the amount of sponsoring a kid might not be much but if we are able to spend time with them when we can we can inspire them a lot more is what I personally felt.  When we sponsor a kid, we are assigned a child, we cannot pick a kid, but we are assigned to the kid and we can go and meet the kid in whatever family he or she is.. we are given the details of the kid.  More than the money factor, it is the human interaction that I liked much.  The concept of mother is good, the ambiance is lovely and there is trained help available 24/7... if you happen to be in Hyderabad and can spare some time, please do visit them... take your kid to play with them, you play with them as a kid, listen to them, tell them about your life.. trust me we are helping ourselves doing this tiny ritual than the other way round.

They give us so much in turn and that is immeasurable.

Telangana Devadasu - Dr. Kaaluva Mallayya

First book I read with conversations in proper telangana to an extent.

The novel came as an extension to Swathi - Monthly, a good story base as to how feudal system came to an end in today's times and the life and experiences of a boy from a lower class and a girl from the "dora" family, how they grow up together and the girl kind of develops a love to the boy and wants to marry him but they are separated by the families in the name of respect and honor.. but as the title suggests the book is not about how the guy becomes a drunkard in the name of the girl and her cheating, it is about how they both mould their lives happily understanding the realities of life and not regretting and there by ruining everything for themselves or each other.  A good narration and a theme.

Nov 21, 2011

Chatura - Avaastavikudu, Maaya Pandu (Sep, Oct)

I love these publications Chatura and Vipula a lot, some times I cannot really relate to Chatura stories, some I just dont understand, some just dont interest me enough.. but in some way the content leaves a mark on me, so I decide to review the points I liked in the book each month in my book the stories I liked in that month in Vipula and the novel in Chatura..

Avaastavikudu - Ampasayya Naveen

It is the story about a professor who dreams of bringing a change in the college and education system he has dedicated his life to.  He is a man of principles and values and a very impractically practical person who brings in wrath of so many people in his journey for a proper world.  His failure to recognize not everyone is perfect is his big flaw.  He has a set of beliefs and he wants others to blindly implement them.  He wants things to change for good in a few days, bring everything to track in a very unruly college to which he is posted a principal.  The problems with the staff who have been used to lazy life and their politics, with students and even his own wife and son, leave him distressed and the way the events turnout, the way he is left to abandon everything never to return again depicts many real life aspects..

the way anger and aggression leads to failure of a person, the need for one person to be practical even if it is eventually for the greater good of the society, makes us think.  The book clearly depicts what is going on in the educational system in the state, helplessness at such things and also the result to expect extreme change within no time with strict rules that backfire.. a good read!!

Maaya Pandu - Dr. Manthaa Bhanumati

A happy go lucky story about a few friends who come together to launch a software firm, three people from different backgrounds who make it big through hard work and how happily life stays ever after.  A son of farm laborers who works hard to provide a good life to parents and sister, a middle class person who makes it big in software firm, a very rich Zamindar who works hard and is down to earth despite being rich who come together, whose lives get interwoven during the course of their job and how each corrects and supports the other during the journey.. this also deals with artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables and fast-paced life of city dwellers, what they are lacking in a subtle way... simple easy read!

Hope For Newborns - Rodge Glass

The book comprises of a story woven about life of Lewis, one among 3 sons of a broken and dysfunctional family with a mother who reserves herself to silence the rest of her life, a father obsessed with his barber shop Victory who has a madness like passion for all things British, who served in war, whose shop gets attacked by anti-war protesters and the confusion of Lewis as to whose side he is on any more, the lack of interest in his own life, the things at his place that show no signs of changing to normalcy.. he has a dream to go places, visit his dream vacation spots for which he saves up everything he earns, leaving very meanly, the way he meets up a girl CC online who shares with him about an international charity "Hope for Newborns" with intentions to repair one's own damaged life along with the life of others, interests him.. and the rest of the story kind of makes his life interesting by keeping secrets, doing some stuff he normally would not, imagining stuff..

It has both comedy and sadness, complications that this new era has to offer us, the human relationships that seem to be such an effort to maintain.. it is about life of two people who want to explore more....

An okay read, a good narrative, good subject line.. but somewhere down the line, I lose the track and rush through it just to finish it.

Nov 6, 2011

Aakhari Poraatam - Yandamoori Veerendranath

I remember hearing a movie with this name, I guess of Nag, maybe I would just watch it once rather than read this book :) for a change.

Typical telugu smuggling/drug/arms pedaling swamy's act bursted by a common man with the help of an IPS officer...

Not my type of a read but not really really bad either.

Nov 4, 2011

Solo... Music

I really liked all the tracks is Solo, Nara Rohit's Telugu movie.. this guy seems to make sensible movie choices.. after Banam, will wait for his movie surely.  He seems a bit too rough to be a boyish hero but okay in a few angles.

Movie:  Solo
Lyrics:  Raamajogayya Sastry

Liked all the songs, soothing and one mass song.. good combo

Pudutoone solo nenu
nadichaanu naato nenu
evvariki yemee kaanu
unna todu mannu minnu

naalo chelarege toofaanu evariki choopalenu
nene ilaa endukunnaanu, prasninchaa nanne nenu..

jagamanta soonyam nenu
batukanta sokam nenu
nannu nene odaarchaanu
tadikanta nittoorchaanu
nene... maargam leni nenu
mounamai mandinaanu
chuttoo vasantaanni koraanu
sisiramlaa migilaanu.

Some thing which I  will go ahead and buy for a drive...!

The lazy, crazy, wheezy me!!!!

Phew, it has been a while since I did anything good that I actually want to do.. being lazy, crazy, wheezy.. sigh!!!!

I am mighty pissed off on myself, trying to get my stamina back, something I am very allergic to which
I am not able to figure out, eliminating a food at a time, an allergen at a time.. sick, sick.. there are so many things that I miss doing.. simple things like missing friends, missing just normal routine and guess what I miss the most.. talking!!!..

Priyuraalu Piliche - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Thanks to my coughing my lungs out while talking spells, I have finished a couple of books in 2 days, love the reading part while just hate the cough..

This is another fiction work by the author which seems to be too unreal at the beginning for me, typical Telugu novel where a rich arrogant self-made girl weds a poor self-respecting value-filled once rich young man who seems to be the perfect man in every sense of the world, good in heart, mind and deed, a lot of filmy twists later the heroine is rendered paraplegic by some poisoning the guy marries her selflessly then another girl enters his life who motivates him to bring out his master pieces of painting.. blah, blah, blah.. but what I liked best about the book is the ending the way the protagonist finds an answer to the questions in a place he least expects. The point where he begins the search for real "him" the way he gets his answers and the way story ends brings credibility to the whole reading.

"gharshana valle manishi edugutaadu"..

so true but then again aa gharshana anede lekapote elaanti baadha lekundaa putti chacchipotaadu ee vyadha undadu anipistundi okkosaari!!  The more you want to find answers, the more is the friction of thoughts asalu aa alochane raananta varuku emi undadu kadaa.. aa gharshane lekapote manishiki pasuvuki tedaa ledu anadam kooda nijame kaani okkosaari manasu aa pasuvu bratuke betteremo anipistundi... khikhi.. nenu naa paityam!!  Heeeee.. Keerthi, I know you understand this a lot better than many.. this feeling I mean.

The Promised Land - David Hewson

Last from the current BL list that I have with me that the OA had picked up for the month.

Loved every bit of the book, suspense kept through and through.. Bierce, a prisoner miraculously and almost inexplicably gets released from his execution just seconds before the lethal injection and the story revolves around his discovery as to what actually happened on the fateful night 23 years ago when his wife and kid were beaten to death brutally and he is made out to be the man behind it. However, he has no memory of the incident, just that particular incident, as to what happened, how it did.. and most importantly if HE ACTUALLY DID IT.. he has memory but in patches, it is like the incident and the related stuff to his family is erased from his mind whereas somethings he clearly remembers.. it is hazy and clear all at once. The way he discovers the truth along with Alice Loong another victim of this massacre forms the core story.

Just loved the way even the protagonist is unaware if it is he who did it when everything points it is him.. something tells him he wasn't the one but yet he needs a confirmation.

I would most certainly like to read more from this author.

Unseen Academicals - Terry Pratchett

A comic folklore fantasy...Again this book is supposed to be 37th of the Discworld series by the author, the books on magic and fantasy, vampires and witches, dwarfs and wizards. My brush with magic fantasy was Bewitched. Not something that I would pick to read on my own ever.. kept it for the last before read from BL batch of books that I have with me currently.

Saying touchwood, crossing fingers somethings that have come down unknowingly, takes us into that world.. of a fantasy football match which the Wizards of Unseen University playing without the use of magic.. funny most certainly only a few would like it.. not an easy read for me because of too much of football and the story base as such. I would maybe like something else of this folklore stuff by the author better

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