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Nov 21, 2011

Chatura - Avaastavikudu, Maaya Pandu (Sep, Oct)

I love these publications Chatura and Vipula a lot, some times I cannot really relate to Chatura stories, some I just dont understand, some just dont interest me enough.. but in some way the content leaves a mark on me, so I decide to review the points I liked in the book each month in my book the stories I liked in that month in Vipula and the novel in Chatura..

Avaastavikudu - Ampasayya Naveen

It is the story about a professor who dreams of bringing a change in the college and education system he has dedicated his life to.  He is a man of principles and values and a very impractically practical person who brings in wrath of so many people in his journey for a proper world.  His failure to recognize not everyone is perfect is his big flaw.  He has a set of beliefs and he wants others to blindly implement them.  He wants things to change for good in a few days, bring everything to track in a very unruly college to which he is posted a principal.  The problems with the staff who have been used to lazy life and their politics, with students and even his own wife and son, leave him distressed and the way the events turnout, the way he is left to abandon everything never to return again depicts many real life aspects..

the way anger and aggression leads to failure of a person, the need for one person to be practical even if it is eventually for the greater good of the society, makes us think.  The book clearly depicts what is going on in the educational system in the state, helplessness at such things and also the result to expect extreme change within no time with strict rules that backfire.. a good read!!

Maaya Pandu - Dr. Manthaa Bhanumati

A happy go lucky story about a few friends who come together to launch a software firm, three people from different backgrounds who make it big through hard work and how happily life stays ever after.  A son of farm laborers who works hard to provide a good life to parents and sister, a middle class person who makes it big in software firm, a very rich Zamindar who works hard and is down to earth despite being rich who come together, whose lives get interwoven during the course of their job and how each corrects and supports the other during the journey.. this also deals with artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables and fast-paced life of city dwellers, what they are lacking in a subtle way... simple easy read!

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