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Nov 21, 2011

Hope For Newborns - Rodge Glass

The book comprises of a story woven about life of Lewis, one among 3 sons of a broken and dysfunctional family with a mother who reserves herself to silence the rest of her life, a father obsessed with his barber shop Victory who has a madness like passion for all things British, who served in war, whose shop gets attacked by anti-war protesters and the confusion of Lewis as to whose side he is on any more, the lack of interest in his own life, the things at his place that show no signs of changing to normalcy.. he has a dream to go places, visit his dream vacation spots for which he saves up everything he earns, leaving very meanly, the way he meets up a girl CC online who shares with him about an international charity "Hope for Newborns" with intentions to repair one's own damaged life along with the life of others, interests him.. and the rest of the story kind of makes his life interesting by keeping secrets, doing some stuff he normally would not, imagining stuff..

It has both comedy and sadness, complications that this new era has to offer us, the human relationships that seem to be such an effort to maintain.. it is about life of two people who want to explore more....

An okay read, a good narrative, good subject line.. but somewhere down the line, I lose the track and rush through it just to finish it.

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