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Nov 29, 2011

A Mother's Hope - Katie Flynn

A story about 2 foundlings who meet by accident and start living together by chance and decide to make it permanent by choice standing by each other through thick and thin touched my heart.

A typical non-complex no-nonsense my type of easy-flow read!

Albert who prefers to call himself Martin is  an albino and an orphan meets Gertrude who prefers to call herself Rose meet by accident when both of them go job hunting in terrible raining weather.  Albert unable to take in the ridicule due to his skin condition gets out of the YMCA and sleeps rough at night near doorsteps in his sleeping bag and Rose a pregnant teenage (15 yrs) unwed girl whose mother left her during the blitz at a doorstep with the note that she will come back but could never really make it who gets assaulted by the incharge's husband at a girls camp meet up unexpectedly how they stay with each other through thick and thin and how they come together forms the story line.

Loved reading it!


Kranthi said...

hi :-)
You read The Kite runner and A Thousand Splendid Suns ? Liked them ???

Sree said...

Read the kite runner.. and yes, liked it very much Kranthi..

Thousand splendid suns.. to read listlo undi.

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