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Nov 4, 2011

The Promised Land - David Hewson

Last from the current BL list that I have with me that the OA had picked up for the month.

Loved every bit of the book, suspense kept through and through.. Bierce, a prisoner miraculously and almost inexplicably gets released from his execution just seconds before the lethal injection and the story revolves around his discovery as to what actually happened on the fateful night 23 years ago when his wife and kid were beaten to death brutally and he is made out to be the man behind it. However, he has no memory of the incident, just that particular incident, as to what happened, how it did.. and most importantly if HE ACTUALLY DID IT.. he has memory but in patches, it is like the incident and the related stuff to his family is erased from his mind whereas somethings he clearly remembers.. it is hazy and clear all at once. The way he discovers the truth along with Alice Loong another victim of this massacre forms the core story.

Just loved the way even the protagonist is unaware if it is he who did it when everything points it is him.. something tells him he wasn't the one but yet he needs a confirmation.

I would most certainly like to read more from this author.

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