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Nov 4, 2011

Solo... Music

I really liked all the tracks is Solo, Nara Rohit's Telugu movie.. this guy seems to make sensible movie choices.. after Banam, will wait for his movie surely.  He seems a bit too rough to be a boyish hero but okay in a few angles.

Movie:  Solo
Lyrics:  Raamajogayya Sastry

Liked all the songs, soothing and one mass song.. good combo

Pudutoone solo nenu
nadichaanu naato nenu
evvariki yemee kaanu
unna todu mannu minnu

naalo chelarege toofaanu evariki choopalenu
nene ilaa endukunnaanu, prasninchaa nanne nenu..

jagamanta soonyam nenu
batukanta sokam nenu
nannu nene odaarchaanu
tadikanta nittoorchaanu
nene... maargam leni nenu
mounamai mandinaanu
chuttoo vasantaanni koraanu
sisiramlaa migilaanu.

Some thing which I  will go ahead and buy for a drive...!

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