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Nov 23, 2011

Telangana Devadasu - Dr. Kaaluva Mallayya

First book I read with conversations in proper telangana to an extent.

The novel came as an extension to Swathi - Monthly, a good story base as to how feudal system came to an end in today's times and the life and experiences of a boy from a lower class and a girl from the "dora" family, how they grow up together and the girl kind of develops a love to the boy and wants to marry him but they are separated by the families in the name of respect and honor.. but as the title suggests the book is not about how the guy becomes a drunkard in the name of the girl and her cheating, it is about how they both mould their lives happily understanding the realities of life and not regretting and there by ruining everything for themselves or each other.  A good narration and a theme.

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