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Nov 23, 2011

Trip to SOS village

A few of us might know about the SOS villages in India.  I happened to visit one village in Hyderabad recently with the kid and OA.

HERE.. The village in Hyderabad consists of 12 families.  Each family has a house and a mother with a few kids assigned to her.  It is a normal household, the kids have family ties like mother, sister, brother and uncles and aunties.  They go to school, they have tutions, they play, they grow up in a wholesome environment.

The first time I got to know about it I was like, well the concept sounds good, it better be good in implementation as well.  I have seen so many places who form a charitable organization for the name of it and nothing is hygienic but the first feel as we enter this village is that it is truly an ashram, midst greenery and clean fresh air.

We tried calling up the numbers provided on the Hyd site  but due to some faulty phone lines could not reach them and decided to carry on with the trip no matter what, just chose the evening time because all the kids would be back from schools by then.  Did not know what to take and how to go about, so just took a few sweets to give them to the kids, did not know the number of kids nor the number of families.

As we reach and enter the campus I am like in love with that place there is a place assigned for ducks and pigeons where they tried to provide a natural habitat kind of thing for them where they were brooding and living normally, there was so much of greenery and order.  There was peace all around, the kids started coming one after the other. the management was good in receiving us introduced us to the families, wanted us to have a trip, get the feel of how things are and go and see any family we wanted to.  We wanted the kid to distribute sweets but they denied for the reason they were not sure if he had enough for all the families and that they will do the needful but agreed to take a few to the families and give it to the mother of the family we wanted to visit.

The children were good, friendly and got used well to the culture there.  There was discipline in general.. the kids were a little unruly here and there but then that is normal everywhere.  Sponsoring a kid there for education, food or in general is something really worthy is what I felt after that visit.

The boys are transferred to a youth house after they are 14 as the mother might not control the adolescent behavior but the girls stay within the family.  even if the children go to hostels for higher studies, they do visit home like normal kids too.. the eldest kid in the village was doing her degree and was staying in a hostel.. the youngest entrant to the village was a girl "Sai" a 2-day old now 7 year old who is loved by everyone in the village as their own.. the medical and day-to-day needs are taken care of well.

For NRIs or high-earning individuals the amount of sponsoring a kid might not be much but if we are able to spend time with them when we can we can inspire them a lot more is what I personally felt.  When we sponsor a kid, we are assigned a child, we cannot pick a kid, but we are assigned to the kid and we can go and meet the kid in whatever family he or she is.. we are given the details of the kid.  More than the money factor, it is the human interaction that I liked much.  The concept of mother is good, the ambiance is lovely and there is trained help available 24/7... if you happen to be in Hyderabad and can spare some time, please do visit them... take your kid to play with them, you play with them as a kid, listen to them, tell them about your life.. trust me we are helping ourselves doing this tiny ritual than the other way round.

They give us so much in turn and that is immeasurable.


Preethi said...

Hi Sree,

I was looking for something similar to sponsor a child. Could you please send me more details on my email.

Preethi said...

Hi Sree,

Could you please send me more details of this place on my email. I am seriously looking for something similar to this to sponsor a child. Thanks in advance.

Sree said...

Sure, can you please send me the mail id in the comment which I wont publish Preethi.

Renu said...

beautiful post, would love to visit them next time I go to Hyderabad.

Radha said...

Hyderabad lo unna kooda ilantidi okati undani naaku teliyadu.. ekkada idi

Preethi said...

Hi Sree - I noticed that there is a link in your post to their website. I sent you my email Id, I am not sure if you received it ot not. Anyway, thanks for the info.

Sree said...

Preethi, I have added you in your gtalk engine, yes, the link is provided for the same where all the sponsorship information is given.. will mail you soon.

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