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Nov 30, 2011

Tulasi - Yandamoori Veerandranath

Supposed to be a sequel to his previous novel Tulasi Dalam where a 11-year-old girl is rescued by her father and friends from the clutches of an evil creature Kashmora and death of Kaadra, the sequel shows the grown up girl Tulasi and the belief as to how Kashmora gets reactivated with more powers after 11 years and how this time the girl will most certainly die.

The book is a good read for a reader like me who loves such stories.  However, there is always a linkup, scientific backing for everything happening and the question of whether the witchcraft and wizardry as mentioned exists or not is left hanging..

Pratidaaniki Hetuvaadi drushtito choostoo raayadam.. makes the book an interesting read!


Anonymous said...

Nenu Engg final year ayaaka ee Tulasi and Tulasi dalam back to back chadivesi bhayapadi chaachaanu...raatrullu nidralo peddi cheyyi pattukuni padukunedaanni :P

Sree said...

hehehe.. memu chinnappudu cinemalu choosi daduchuku chacchevaallam, daakra, kaadra ani evo picchi aatalu aadukunevaallam.. ;).

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