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Dec 7, 2011

.... and then

the realization dawns that my blog is kind of becoming a review based one rather than my place... but then again, thanks to this asthma all I get to think is illness which I am fed up ranting about and that leaves me with the kid and me which I normally dont go overboard on discussing in the blog in general or any person in specific... leaving it to be just the review corner.. maybe a wake up call... looking back I feel like I am a part of the Evening Hour marathon I did a while ago all over again, which also reminds me that I am yet to get my participation certificates from last year.... sigh!!!!!....

now you know why dont do constructive blogging any longer.. buck up!


keerthicherukuri said...

Huhhh! Nenayithe aa certificates vishayam light theesukunnaa...virtual participation ki ivvaremole ani adaganu koodaa ledu(but I remember her replying u or someone that virtual participation is also considered or something like that)

Sree said...

Yes, it is considered Keerthi.. vaallu aa timelo campus shift chestunnaaru, so she got busy avvagaane pampistaanu mail me your address anindi nenu ollu baddhakinchaa... let us mail it up today :).

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