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Dec 7, 2011

The Death of Vishnu - Minal Suri

A story set about in a 3-storied building in mumbai which houses a couple of families Pathaks and Asrani's sharing a common kitchen in the first floor, Jalaals in the second and Mr. Taneja who is a loner widow on the top floor.  Vishnu is an errand-man in the apartment block who is in the final stages of his life, alone and uncared for whom the families take turn to feed and take care of even if it is unwillingly.

The narrative unfolds through the eyes of Vishnu, who sick and left to die looks back on his life, his love affair with Padmini, his role in lives of the apartment dwellers as well as their own life stories weaving it up with a mythological connective and how the death finally arrives.

It is a thought provoking book which beautifully captures the essence of lives of common people, their conflicts, joys, desires and duties!!

Good read.

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