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Dec 7, 2011

Nallanchu Tella Cheera - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Pure fiction with a good research and information about saree weaving, wholesale manufacturing and retail sales.

Reading this book reminded me of a movie, although the story line is a bit different there are certain scenes taken from the movie script, so when I was reading the book I was kind of imagining the actors who played those roles in the movie.. Chiru, Madhavi, Bhanupriya :))).  I know I am crazy that way.

The story which starts with a young door-to-door saree salesman with an amazing skill of fashion and beauty tips for women and makes it big with the help of a big wig in the industry and climbs up the ladder with hardwork and honesty suddenly takes a twist with a murder, who did it, why what and how forms the crux of it all..

all in all, an interesting read.

PS:  Thanks for correction Keerthi nene marchipoyaa Bhanupriya anukuntoo Bhanumati kottaa burra!!1


keerthicherukuri said...

Donga mogudu movie kadaa...andulo Bhanumathi ekkadundi, Bhanupriya kadaa..

Movie ee novel ni base chesukune theesaaru kaanee naakayithe novel nacchinanthagaa movie nacchaledu....YV novel based script vunna movies yevee koodaa ayana novels antha nacchaledu naaku...

Sree said...

yeah.. a picture is worth 1000 words antaaru kaani a book of some thousands of words can never be adopted into a movie/picture any time ani naa strong belief.

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