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Dec 9, 2011

Thriller - Yandamoori Veerendranath

Like I have mentioned many times before, the foreword and afterward of the book makes the reading experience even better in case of YV.

Through this book, he introduces the concept of absurd writing in Telugu fictional literature.  In the foreword he brings about clarity on the technique of writing which involves drastic dramatization of events showing them in unbelievable proportions thereby showing the subtle feelings, emotions in a larger angle which leave a mark on the viewer/reader.

This book is about a beautiful, young and lonely girl Vidhyadhari who all through her life has been suspecting the concept of love because of her childhood experiences in a dysfunctional family, the mistrust she has on people who proclaim love and her questions and thoughts pondering over the reality/credibility of what people around her do or say.

She comes across a guy Anudeep who claims that he has been loving her for the past 7 yrs, went on to do penace in Vindhya Hills, realized God and came back to win her love not in a most unselfish and true manner.  How the events in their lives take a turn which lead to death of Anudeep.. and whether he actually dies or not is left hanging which is an experimental techinque in Telugu fiction world..

as usual a very interesting read!


manoj said...

This is his best work. The movie adapted from this book is awesome too

Sree said...

oh, is it? what is the movie?

manoj said...

mutyamanta muddu-rajendraprasad and seetha

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