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Jan 4, 2012

Another Kill

Phew... I happened to kill yet another baby snake yesterday!!

vaanalu vaste chaalu paamulu intlo kanipistunnaayi ee madhya, chuttoo paadu badipoyina illu, andulo manishettu molichina gaddi, ee paamulu, elukalu, chedalu, appudappudu vaati pakka illaki vihaaraalu, baaboye, okkosaari vanukocchestundi...

We have a diwan outside the house in the open balcony but since a dog got used to coming there and sleeping at night I put a cover on it every single night, yesterday when putting that I see something fall on my hand and then on the ground and began to crawl away, it was dark and I had not switched on the light and could just see the outline, the book I was reading fell on it and it hid in the pages of the book.  when I switched on the light, I see just a tiny tail out of the book and then I had to kill it before it hurt my baby.. well, she was not around but I cant trust that they wont cross paths again even if i let it go.

Then I just killed it and there goes another one to my credit!!! It was maybe days' old, it hurts when I remember the entire episode..  I am yet to get over it.. should I have let it go out of the way just the way it had come??? No idea!!!! but kill I did.


vikram said...

u could have leave it sumwer else . .

Sree said...

that thought crossed my mind a while ago Vikram, let me see if I can find out any Friends of Snakes volunteers around this place..

Sirisha said...

dont go for them sushma...i have very bad experience with Snake volunteers...may be not all are like that...but its scary to see something crawling (keeping my legs up :D)

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