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Jan 17, 2012

Freedom at Midnight - Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins

An extensive and exhaustive read in the recent times.

I have always wanted to know what actually transpired towards the end of the freedom struggle
why India is the way it is?
Was Gandhi an architect of Indian freedom or just happened to be a lucky man who caught the pulse of the Britishers who were at any rate going to leave the country?
What about the revolutionary leaders and many others who were just sidelined and not gotten any importance as such?
Why Nehru and why not Sardar Patel who was definitely much more qualified and Indian to the core at heart?
When Britishers could bring under their rule the whole nation irrespective of their religions why did Religion enter in the way of freedom struggle?
Why did people who let a firangi rule unquestioned have so many problems to be under the same roof governing themselves peacefully?

There are so many questions and I do not say the book is an answer to those questions but in a way this is one book which has come closest to even trying to attempt to answer my queries.  Firstly, the fact it was written by a French Man and an American, I guess is the reason for being not as judgmental or one-sided about Indians and English in general.  However, this book kind of glorifies Mountbatten and at some point I felt it is through his eyes we see the history at that time, considering much of the text and data is taken from his journals, notes, scraps.  Interwoven in that is the story of Mahatma, subtly putting forth the criticism and gently tackling it.  Gently touching all aspects of the personalities of people involved in the final days of British Colonial Rule end and partition, the rise of two nations, the aftermath.. the strengths and weaknesses of the involved.

It does not give a complete picture of what really happened throughout the nation but most certainly around what and who lead to it from close quarters.

Would definitely suggest to someone who would read something different for a change... into fiction and biographies for a while, going through defining moments of history of India.  

A book that attempts to put forth the defining the final moments of Freedom Struggle, the transfer of power, birth of 2 nations. The moments surrounding the times when we as Indians entered self-rule or self-ruin???

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