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Jan 5, 2012

Kamal and Minnu

One of the very good virtual friends I made is kamal.  I liked him for his sensible performances in Aavakay Biryani and Kalavaramaaye Madilo and of course love his paintings and all things he does with passion, like the animation series he tried to do and the society conscious behavior kind of holds in a very good light and high respect in my view.

and the surprise is, he pinged me up one fine day, to be precise Deepavali day and I still have that transcript with me and stop myself from pinching hard if it all actually happened!! anyways, the point is it was a chat with someone I truly respect, so it made all the difference.

kamalkamaraju: hi sushma.. morning and a happy deepawali to you and yuour family
Sushma: wooooooooooooooooooooooow
Thank you and some to you Kamal
it is such a pleasure
and a toooo good surprise...

and that surprise lasted for quite some time and when it did wear off, it was an extremely wonderful morale boosting one on one for almost an hour... yay!!! was I on cloud 9... 99!! actually..  Then when he got made this book shelf, I was like I should have this one, even spoke to his mom about getting it shipped to my place but then I fell, broke my leg once, then fell again broke the other leg and rest as they was history and the deal was kind of let hanging and since it was a limited edition model, I could not ask for it again!!

We chat off and on when he gets time and I happen to be around... it has been quite some time, in fact just about at the time of release of Virodhi, but then I got really busy to even be online and he being his usual busy self got busier with his theater, paintings and multitude of other things!  I keep a track of what is happening but hardly interact any longer.. now is a chance to bond up with him in person, so if any one is interested do visit the place, take your kids along!

His passion for painting with his social consciousness took a turn and then Minnu was born...In his own words MINNU.

There is an exhibition  in MUSE Art Gallery, Marriott, Hyderabad on 7th January from 06:30 p.m. onwards .. Please contact Kaali Sudheer, the owner and the curator of the gallery, who also happens to have a cute little daughter of two, just like my Sreya, and get further information from him about the exhibition at +91 9396 4444 24. Kamal will be there to see you.. I wish I could be there too... I will surely try to send in OA to represent us and get one of those lovely limited edition Minnu calenders!!

Good luck Kamal and Happy Touchdown in artworld Minnu.. love you girl, you rock!!

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