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Jan 6, 2012

Sree Raama Raajyam - A Visual Delight

An absolutely fantabulous, magnanimous visual treat.. is what I would call the movie.

I watched this movie a while ago and wanted to review it, did not want to do it hurriedly and then it got postponed indefinitely and then yesterday while channel surfing got to watch the 50-day celebrations and then had to do this post!

I do not actually remember Lavakusa which is supposed to be the first attempt at Rama Charita which was immensely popular.  Still remember the song "vinudi vinudi raamaayaana gaadha, vinudee janulaara", Rama meant NTR, it still means him and only HIM and Seetha meant Anjali Devi... well to me I imagine "Sneha" to be apt for some reason but just loved Nayantara to the core as Seetha.  She just gave a mind-blowing performance, maybe it is apt to say she lived the character than acted.

Being a Bapu fan, was absolutely certain he would make the heroine look awesomely lovable and he did exactly what is best at doing.  God, the sets, even the graphics made it give an epic-like feeling.  Everything was so huge, so larger than life but then the epic is larger than life too which suits it perfect.  Ramana garu wherever he is must be happy with the final output.

Coming to the actual story and all, our generation kids hardly anything other than chota bheem and all those cartoon characters and this visual delight with kids Lava and Kusa and Hanuman as another child makes it fun for the kids to watch and understand, surely eye catching for them.  Great attempt, something which will go down in the history of this generation kids like "Lavakusa" was for us.

The music is the backbone of the movie and it gradually grows on us... all in all a wonderful wholesome package.

What I loved the most in the movie was Seetha's Gorintaaku applied hands, it was so authentic and each time I saw her, I was so smitten.  Baalayya was good and I am sure no one else would have been as good except for Jr. NTR in that role but comparing it with NTR coupled with high-exceptions, he seemed old with wrinkles and pot belly.  ANR as Valmeeki was the best of all even at that ripe age, lots to learn from this man.

Wanted to come home and watch Lavakusa at home right after SRR but somehow just could not, will watch it some time today if possible, at least in episodes and maybe I would be doing LK vs SRR in my own way :).

One sad thing I noted that most of the people that were on the stage yesterday, had lost someone really dear in their lives... Bapu - Ramana, Ilaya Raja - Wife, Dasari - Wife and just recently ANR - Wife.  He was not around but it did feel sad seeing them at one place.  May their souls rest in peace.

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