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Jan 18, 2012

The Truth About Love - Jane Elizabeth Varley

Unputdownable fiction which tackles emotions, insecurities, struggle, peaks and lows of life, well written, a mystery woven around the story of a couple going through adjustment phases, the insecurity of the second wife, trying to get a grip over the fear of the glamarous ex-wife getting back to get the man of her life and treading around step-kids, the issues thereof.

The mystery part is about the house the couple buys after a squeezing-tight financially dry divorce settlement with the first wife.  The house has a historical touch to it with the letters of a Victorian couple broadcasted by BBC and loved by many.  When Sally with her toddler Louis and husband Edward get in to the house as a second wife fighting her own battles of insecurities with a high-flying ex-wife Pia and two grown-up kids, Hope and Dan, she gets herself busy trying to dig up the actual history of the house, as to what happened to the couple involved.  It takes quite a bit of digging through archives and long-dead, reluctant sources.  Intertwined is the story of Anna, a neighbor who takes up the basement flat of the same house who happens to be a workaholic film maker and media person whose life takes a different turn when the ambitious project "marriage menders" which she works on gets into unexpected troubles.  In the process, she tries to understand the meaning of love, family ties and support system along the way trying to get back the hold on her life.

There are quite a few threads left unanswered but then that is fine to me :), the less complicated and easy flowing, the better.!

Enjoyed reading this book a lot!

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