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Feb 14, 2012

Chinnaari Chitti Mutyamaa...

Bulli Trukkaay,

I love you bangaarayya, andari kante ekkuva... nuvvante naaku ento ittam :)... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiintthhha itttam :).  Happy Valentines Day gundappadam!

Boldu rojulani ninchi neeku oka pedda uttaram raayalani undi, ededo raaseyyaali.. uhhuu.. uuhhuu.. ippudu neeku artham kaadu kaabatti cheppinaa edo amma mogutundile anukuni madhya madhyalo muddulu pettukuntoo illantaa tirigi gantulu vesukuntoo veltaav kaabatti, anukunnadi neeku cheraali ante ippudu raasukuni uha telisaaka mallee mallee veera baadudu sessions pedataanu annamaata :).

Computer screen meeda nalakalagaaa modalu pettaanu ninnu choodatam, rendu arachetullo ettukunnaanu.. annee ninna monna laagane unnaay, ippudu chooste naalo sagam kante ettu aipoyi chengu chengu mantu ledi pillalaaga tirugutunnaav, kaalam etu egiripoyindi chittodaa?  muddu muddu maatala mucchata teerane ledu appude anni spashtamgaa cheppestunnaav entraa idi?

Enno cheppaali anukuntoone velakattaleni paathaalu nee ninchi nerchukuntunnaanu.  Nee prati kadalika naakoka vinta, acchata mucchata.  Nee prati adugu naakoka kotta daari choopedutundi.  Puttagaane ammo penchagalana, ee pasiguddini emi chesukonu, ela choodanu ani bembelu padipoyaanu kaani, enchakkaa neeku kaavalasinavi naaku teliselaa chesi, eppudu elaanti ibbandi raakundaa.. arey nene penchesaana, pillalni penchatam inta telikaa anukunelaaga chesesaav.. edo maaya chesesaav.

Nenu pakkaki tirigi naligipotaavemo, nenu ninnu ettukuni padipotaanemo, mancham meeda ninchi dollipotaavemo, paalu saripotunnaayo ledo, aaharam saripotundo ledo, sarigga perugutunnaavo ledo.. chuttu unde pillalu boddugaa undi nuvvu sannagaa unte adoka benga, pallu raakapote oka badha, vastoo vastoo avi ninnu pette baadha choosi inko baadha, paakadam raaledu ani oka benga, vacchaaka etu vellipotaavo ani inko benga... nadavtledentra, kaali balam chaalatleda ani oka bhayam, nadaka saagaaka dhabee dhabee ani padipotunte hadilipoyenta bhayam.. prati adugulo, prati malupulo enno bhayaalu...gandaala gundam daatinattu prati saree oopiri peelchukovadam antalo kotta bhayam.. anneee kevalam nee bhayalenamma antoo abhaya hastam istunnattugaa nuvvu mundukellipovadam... edo ilaa picchi picchigaa penchesaanu raa kannalu.. nenu penchaanu anatam kante nuvvu perigipoyaavu anatam correctemo.

Enno vishayaalu neekelaa cheppaalo antoo nenu tarjana bharjanalu padelopu adi ento saamanyamaina vishayamgaa teesukuni telusukuntaavu.. Chaavu ante ento, aa bhayam ento aa baadha ento neeku teliyadu, pattadu kaani adi okati undi ani, vaallu tirigi raarani artham ayyindi... elaa cheppaala, emi bhayapadipotaava ani nenu alochinchinde ekkuva, adedo saamaanyamaina vishayam neeku.. annee kottagaa nerchukuntunnaa idi kooda kotta vishayam annatlu unnaavu.

Prema gurinchi neeku cheppalsindi ledu nerchukovadam tappa.. prapamchamlo prati daanni anta premato choodatam kevalam pasi biddalaki maatrame saadhyamavutundemo.  Egire pakshi, paake purugu, kukka pilla, kodi pilla, aavulu, doodalu, gedalu, chetlu, aakulu, poolu, eegalu, domalu manishi andaru samaaname, andaru okate.. pasitanamlo inta kalmasham lenitanam ninchi ee naadu ee kullu, kasi, kutralu kutantraalu, ekkada alavadutunanayo manaki...

entoraa ee madhya englishlo raaddamante akkada maatalu raatledu, telugu raaddamante adi kooda raatledu, gundenindaa prema gontu daati raavadam kashtame kaani maree inta kashtama... ento!!!!

I used to think loving yourself is like a sin, you need to love everyone else around you or at least show that you do not to be tagged selfish.. but my love, you need to love yourself first to be able to enjoy this world.    Love and respect yourself 'cos if you don't you cannot expect others to do the same to you. Rise in your own eyes to raise in other's.  Be confident about everything but just do not let it go to your head.  Find love in small things of life and they will keep you going no matter what.  Little desires, tiny pleasures give you the greatest and continuous joys of life.  Aim high, keep your focus at a level above what you are currently but do not forget to feel the moment.  Love everything and every one but do not have expectations on anything/one other than yourself... tamaraaku meeda neeti bottu antaare alaaaga.  Neeku cheppestunna kadaa nenu anni chestunnaana anukuntunnaav kadoo... ledu bangaaram, paatinchaka nenu pade badha neeku raakoodadu ani oka verri prayatnam.

These days I just seem to be barking at you that does not mean that I do not love you, it only means that I am a person with so many imperfections and not able to control my anger.  I feel terrible when I just yell at you and the only reason for that is you are the next most helpless person other than me in that particular situation and it is easier to vent it on you.  I know it is the worst form of an abuse I can subject you to.. I am working on it kid, just not getting there.. sorry with all my heart.  It is easier to preach as an outsider as to how not to raise voice in front of your kids, worse still on them.. yes, agreed but still that just is not an excuse!!  You are the most precious thing to me and no matter what might slip out of my mouth in anger and rage in my even though rare but i-don't-know-what-I-say bouts, it is not your fault and it is just my problem that I need to tackle.  You are loved just the same..

When I see you battle with your sickness, refusing not to take any medicines, it kind of kills me.  I know it is most certainly not easy for you, burning with fever, tearing your tiny inner organs with that damn dirty barking cough, puking your guts out literally not retaining anything in, it is like putting me through hell and trust me my love these are the times when WHY NOT ME comes in.  From a stage of why me??? bickering..  I am willing to bear it thousand times over if it soothes you, but my darling this is the reality of life and you need to fight your own battles.  I used to do wish your pains on me earlier but now I realize I must pray for you to have the strength to overcome the difficulties than not to have them at all.  If we need to bear the weight anyways  at any stage, even if it is a bit later rather than wishing off the weight I would wish for you to have broader shoulders and a greater strength to carry the burden and not feel the load.

I wish and hope you spread love and cheer everywhere you go always just the way you do now and you understand the power of giving.  Love yourself and not be ashamed of it.  Love everything that belongs to you with the same intensity and do not forget that every single things Universe has to offer you belongs to you.. the air, water, all the elements, life around you in all forms, breeds, species, shapes, sizes and colors.  You have an equal share with everyone else around you, use resources sparingly and caringly and send them forward the generation next.

Abbo chaala preaching aipoyindi kada.. mana bhashalo malli okasaari... nuvvante naakento ittam, nenu ninnu vadili ekkadiki vellanu, nee chuttoone, nee lone, nee tone eppudu untaanu bangaaram...ottesi cheptunnaa!!


Feb 7, 2012

Idee Naa Kadha - Mallemaala (MS Reddy)

Actually, I read this book while watching over my sick kid.  She had high fevers and kind of did a night out watching her over and this book came handy.  In fact this is my first read in the Ipad and I really appreciated reading in that!!

She has been feeling terrible, cough, cold, vomiting phlegm and making all the mess only a kid can make in a minute and then once done with her round of vomit and stuff, she is back to playing even with high fever.. sigh!!

I came to know about this book through the controversy it created actually.  As usual the media created hype about the content and all.  I tried various sources of my usual book buying centers and online book stores but they were banned or something and I could not even get them for a higher price.  At one point, the crazy me thought of hunting down his home address and getting a copy of it and questioning the author  a bit but unfortunately the golden oldie took a leave from this world before I could do that.  I am not a big e-book reading type of a person, so did not even try searching for one, then suddenly found the link on a blogging buddy's FB profile and promptly downloaded it on the Ipad and finished it.

Having known MS Reddy earlier through some film functions and having heard him speak, the book did not come as a surprise but what left me wondering was the book only dealt with NTR and Sobhan Babu no mention about ANR family, to an extent Krishna but no other major stars of those days... !

I truly feel the book is from his heart.  In this world of distracted biographies, I really do not mind reading it.  I do not consider them facts and facts only but I certainly will not rubbish them either.  He does a bit of a self-praise... err lots of it actually and criticizes every one equally including his own family and son which kind of gives a genuine feel.  He was not trying to mask his emotions, he was just letting it go which is one good point.

In short, it is a book, I felt set in the tone my grandfather or any other person of that generation would have put in words.  His life, his experiences, his view point... !  Not as spicy as it is projected to be, a honest effort is what I personally feel...

Feb 6, 2012

Chuttu Pakkala Choodaraa...

Was listening to some Sirivennela songs as I was a little disturbed.  I believe that a person's real strength comes across when he/she is passing through a rough patch.  These days I am really losing my temper quite frequently and worse still on the kid JUST because she happens to be a lot more helpless than me in that particular situation... hate myself for doing it but I need a lot more restraint.

Movie: Rudraveena
Lyrics: Sirivennela

chuttu pakkala choodaraa chinavaada
chukkalo choopu chikkukunnavaada

kalla mundu katika nijam, kaanaleni guddi japam
sadhinchadu ae paramaardham, bratukuni kaneeyaku vyardham - Chuttu-

swargaalanu anudukonaalani vadigaa gudi metlekkevu
saati manishi vedana choostu jaali leni silavainavu
karunanu maripinchedaa chaduvu samskaaram ante
gunde bandagaa marchedaa saampradaayamante - Chuttu-

nuvvu thine prathi oka metuku, ee sangam pandinchindi
garvinche ee nee batuku ee samajame malachindi
runam tirchu tarunam vaste tappinchukupotunnaava, teppa tagalapettestaava yeru datagaane -Chuttu-

Siri Vennela... Evaru raayagalaru...!

Naaku Sirivennela gaaru ante picchi istham... aayana paatale laali paatalugaa pandugaadiki paadenta ishtam... naa Musically Sush posts modalu pettindi tana paatala kosam actually.  Eppudu oppokovadduraa otami... ee paata jeevitamlo nenu inka emi cheyyalenemo ani nispruha kaliginappudu talchukunte chaalu abbo naakenti anenta balam icchedi.. aa kalam nichi jaalu vaarina padaalu manchi mutyaalu... telikaina maatalu, pondikaina maatalu, Telugu bhaasha ante intandamgaa untundi inni bhaavaalu inni konni maatalato akshaarala roopamlo choopettoccha anipistundi..

He is a gift to music lovers.. I loved this speech by Trivikram, it is a true fan speaking; however, there is one simple point I do not really think is cent percent right.  "Telugu cinemaa paatalu raayadam valana aayana alaa undipoyaaremo"... telugu saahityam, saahitee viluvalu anevi enta maatram teliyani ee taraaniki, potta koste aksharam mukka raani vaadiki kooda pandu valichi chetilo pettinatlu unde paatalu raasi enno manasulalo chirastaayigaa nilichipoyaaru, nilichipotaaru...  If he were to be some renowned writer working for the love of language, I would have missed him totally. I am really selfish that way, I am glad he writes for us, makes me feel he wrote that particular song just for me.  I guess a lot of us would actually feel the same way too... For a person who loves simplicity and is scared of complexity, he is one person who can make the transition really smooth and not even let me feel that the transition happened.. it is just magic when it comes to his words!

In his words.. Tarali raada tane vasantam, tana dariki raani vanaala kosam... naa drushtilo aayana naa deggari vacchina naa vasantam.

Sirivennela gaaru ante hrudayamlo aanandapu sirula vennela kuripinche mahaa manishi ani maatram cheppagalanu..!!!!

Loved the AV but somehow felt Sunitha's voice-over did not really do justice, I would have loved some strong voice coming through than the silky soft, catch my words carefully tone. I actually like her voice but somehow it seemed odd.  I heard her say in one interview, I think with Jhansi that she loves Telugu and words in particular so much that she speaks them so very carefully and handles them like flowers.. she does indeed do that but somehow it seems to be bedroom whisper-y kind of voice at times killing the spirit of what is being told... I guess I am being overtly critical but that voice-over was the only Kill Joy!

Anyways, I am a lot more greedy and would like him to write like forever for me :).

Jai Sirivennela Garu... He is in my to-meet list at least once in lifetime.  Maybe I would just be speechless in front of the master of words but still would like to just meet him.

Feb 3, 2012

Oka Sex Worker Aatmakadha - Nalini Jameela (Kaatyaayini)

One more booked I picked from VJA book exhibition.

I dont usually prefer translations, I actually want to read this book in Malayalam, the way it is told by her or maybe even meet her.

Thanks to the movies, I got to know about Mumbai Red Light Area, Amalapuram area, or Calcutta Sonagachi but Kerala company houses or thaarvads is where born as Nalini and re-named Jameela now known as Nalini Jameela comes from!

There are certain statements and incidents in the book that kind of left a lingering impact on me, so many questions raised by her are valid not just for sex workers but for all the women, irrespective of the class or society she comes from.  Truth is bitter.  It is easy to become judgmental but the trauma, the struggle that goes into their becoming what they are is something that is conveniently ignored.  Nalini raises a fundamental question as to the dual standards of the society where it looks down on the SW but goes easy on their clients.  The system which conveniently forgives/forgets what a man has done never even hesitates to hurl abuses on the woman indulged in the same activity.

The book not only deals with the life of sex workers but the insecurity of living a life of a woman on roads, becoming an easy prey to the world outside.  The abuse of various forms, changing in degree and form but still existing by and large, the harassment.  The way they see it as the only reason for protecting themselves.  When I was actually reading it, I felt that such women did a right thing deciding to do it voluntarily and feed and protect themselves from the men who would at any rate use her as object of desires.  Is it the right way or the only way.. CERTAINLY NOT... but judging them based on what they do, isolating them from the society, tagging them.. what good is it.

With the rapidly changing morals and values in the society and being fully aware of so many extra-marital, premarital affairs, flings, for fun, for pocket money, on a high, in the name of love things that keep happening in front of our very own eyes, if we are quick to condemn what they do for a living, then we must certainly RETHINK!!!

I also personally doubt the rehabilitation of ex-sex workers.  How far is it successful, forcibly taking them away without their willing.

The author defends the rights of people who still want to continue as SW, their forum while helping those want to get out of the trade get settled elsewhere also works towards the problems of the SW.

I want to watch the documentary/video that she made, a day in the life of a SW.  Married thrice, all the times against her wish, getting in and out of the profession, begging in temples and mosques, kept away from children, one of whom died, a daughter who she knows nothing about now and a daughter who supports her now knowing everything.. a life full of lows and lowest lows and a little bit of hope which she wants to give others whose plight she understands...

A book that got me thinking!!!

Dheerubhai Ambani Edureeta - AG Krishnamurthy

I really did not know much about DBA other than maybe when I read in newspapers, there was no personal interest in his life, did not actually know anything about him.  I was so innocent to even know Vimal was a Reliance group company.  The only time I really got to know him much was during the Mukesh Anil fight, even then I was not too much into knowing about him, it was just about the issue as a current affairs thing but no personal interest.

Come to think of it I did even know where Aden was where he started his career, then Yemen kind of rang a bell and then just geographical knowledge again, nothing much.

When I had been to the exhibition this Jan I was looking out for biographies and autobiographies as is my general tendency I happened to notice this and picked it up.  Written by AGK of Mudra Communications, the book is not an indepth biography.  It gives an insight into his struggle to get to the peak and his persistence in getting things done his way, how he unknowingly set so many path breaking victories in the fields he had relatively no knowledge to begin with.  AGK intertwines his stint with DBA and how he had reacted in the circumstances DBA had done differently and all that.  This book gives an insight into his life in a very short and crisp narrative, seemed to me like a summary of his life.  Good one for starters, got to know many interesting facts.. the Only Vimal ads that we used to love watching on TV, the reliance brand, his foray into equity, shares and getting middle class involved and the way he left a mark on whatever he did.. inspiring!

Cinema India - The Visual Culture of Indian Films - Rachel Dwyer Diviya Patel

The book concentrates on the visual culture and trends in the annals of Indian cinema which at its peak kind of produced more than 700 films per year.. dealing with everything from lights, camera, cinematography, action, costumes, sets, advertising, posters..

good read for someone intending to go into the industry.. to me, there were some interesting topics and some kind of felt like text book read to me considering I do not generally go that deeper into technical aspects of movie making.  For me end product means a lot more than the ground work :).. overall an interesting insight into many aspects of film making

Salmon Fishing In The Yemen - Paul Torday

Again, this is a book I happened to read just because it had to be returned, a random pick.

A British comedy dealing with a fisheries scientist brought in reluctantly into a project involving salmon fishing, a love story interwoven with political touch and a touch of comedy...

zipped through reading... could not sustain my interest just because of lack my personal interest!

Saguna - Krupabai Satthianadhan

Supposedly the first autobiographical tale in English by an Indian Woman.

This story is a chronicle of lives of a mother and a daughter, the mother born into Hinduism, later converted to Christianity who still followed Hindu Practices.  The life and times of these women, the thought processes of life as such is truly what it claims it is Saguna - The Story of Native Christian life.

A complicated read to me because of the complex flow of language but for language lovers it would certainly be more enjoyable.

Feb 2, 2012

Movie Time of late :)

Books and movies are what keep me going in a place without any real human friends who I am in sync with to talk to.  It is only virtually that I get to meet a lot of people.  The people that I see day in and day out are just kid, mom, a few relatives in and around the village, household help, kid's friends, the golden oldies, driver/s, shopkeeper/s.

I love living this laid-back lazy life and do not really want to move out of this place as of yet, for kid's schooling maybe I would have to but not just yet.

So, these days I have covered a whole range of movies.. new to old to not so old ones... a quick zip-through review of them all :).

It is really tough to give a one-word verdict on the craft called movie on which a whole lot of lives depend.. keeping aside the bigwigs, from clap-boy to the door man of theaters (the very micro level)..


One of the very good and sensibly made movies of the recent times.  Loved watching the movie, subtle and close-to-real life performances by all the artists.  Kind of showcases the fact that life is a bubble.  Just loved every frame and shot in the movie.  Great job.


Watched this one in our dabba Poornima, first day first show after a long long time :).  It is a old world theater, no DTS, not even proper seating or fans but still I go there 'cos I love watching movies on big screen and encourage them for running in this remote area.

One happy thing is that it is much better to release movies in such C- graded theaters instead of 25/- 3 movie pirated DVDs!!

Can Watch Once In Theaters.. For fans, it is Mahesh all the way, at his best actually. Watch it with an open mind, don't try to use logic, 'cos it is nonexistent. What is with Kajal who just seems to be paid to look bad with each movie. Of course looking good next to MB is a tough task but still!

"Mindlessly Mahesh" in one word!

PS: - Sir Ostaaru song's choreography awesome... ROFL'lably cute!


Must admire Nagarjuna and Supriya to have undertaken this movie.  No doubt it is because of Nag's sale-ability did we get to watch this movie on screen, any small actor, it would have been termed as a documentary or arty-type movie.  The little girl Ani has really performed well.  I have not really seen any mainstream movies on Telangana struggle for freedom, their living conditions, I have read about oppression by Doras the very pitiable living conditions of the poor, the lack of opportunities but nothing really has been presented this good.

Nagarjuna was good, Sneha did justice to her very small role and so did the rest of the characters.  Music, the girl are no doubt heroes.  It is the girl's struggle to meet the PM, Nehru to let him know about the problems in her area and making them aware of the need of working towards their upliftment.  Wonderful performances.

Great effort!


I loved all the songs in the movie and of course wanted to see the second movie of Nara Rohit after Banam.  He is definitely not a typical tollywood hero material but I love his strong voice and seems to me like just boy next door, speaks the language the way I do :), so kind of connected there ;).  Good story line.  An orphan wanting to get married to a girl from a big joint family.  How he meets a girl and how he gets married to her eventually convincing everyone of his love and ability to take care of her despite being an orphan.

"nenu poyetappudu naa chuttu naluguru lekapote naa tappu gaani, puttinappudu lekapote naadela tappu avutundi sir"

alaa gurtundipoyindi ee dialogue and that is the essence of the story.


Typical re-birth revenge story starring JPB and Priyamani... can skip it and watch it on TV if you want to!


The only reason I wanted to watch this movie was K. Viswanth and he indeed has played a different role, one we can not really associate with him, so that being the only fresh point.. the rest of the movie is DVD or TV watch.

7th Sense 
Personally, I am a Surya-Jyo fan and wanted to watch 7th sense after favorable reviews from a couple of buddies but then again period movies are something I dont really enjoy so was kind of having lesser expectations of me liking it... but I did watch without actually getting bored and thanks to the movie I got to know about Bodhi Dharma and Shaolin temple and stuff !  Sruthi Hasan has a good role to portray and for a new comer she did well.

Oh My Friend

Siddarth... phew!!! This seemingly sensible in real life guy has of late been selecting not-so good story line movies and same old kind of message oriented youth dramas are kind of getting on to me.  It is okay to watch once kind of a movie which deals about how a boy and a girl can just be friends and be really good friends without actually having to fall in love or get married.  The question raised is very genuine in today's scenario, how they overcome it might be what I personally approve of but something workable.

Rati Nirvedam

A movie with steamy exposing posters of Swetha Menon is something I had not originally intended to watch.  It is the story set in a Malayalam household where the son of the house visits his native village for his vacation before joining Engineering in a nearby town.  Adolescence and exploits in youth lead him to fall for Rathi, his neighbor who is older than him and a close family friend.  She resists initially but finally succumbs to the feeling.. the movie has a tragic ending but the story line does not really hold good for changing morals of today; however, such things do happen still... kind of left me thinking for a while.

Hammayya.... raasesaanoch!!!

Wanted to watch Dirty Picture but could not, waiting if it would come to Poornima Hall but this Businessman seems to be stuck for 100 days here ;).

For Evil Eyes on LO