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Feb 6, 2012

Chuttu Pakkala Choodaraa...

Was listening to some Sirivennela songs as I was a little disturbed.  I believe that a person's real strength comes across when he/she is passing through a rough patch.  These days I am really losing my temper quite frequently and worse still on the kid JUST because she happens to be a lot more helpless than me in that particular situation... hate myself for doing it but I need a lot more restraint.

Movie: Rudraveena
Lyrics: Sirivennela

chuttu pakkala choodaraa chinavaada
chukkalo choopu chikkukunnavaada

kalla mundu katika nijam, kaanaleni guddi japam
sadhinchadu ae paramaardham, bratukuni kaneeyaku vyardham - Chuttu-

swargaalanu anudukonaalani vadigaa gudi metlekkevu
saati manishi vedana choostu jaali leni silavainavu
karunanu maripinchedaa chaduvu samskaaram ante
gunde bandagaa marchedaa saampradaayamante - Chuttu-

nuvvu thine prathi oka metuku, ee sangam pandinchindi
garvinche ee nee batuku ee samajame malachindi
runam tirchu tarunam vaste tappinchukupotunnaava, teppa tagalapettestaava yeru datagaane -Chuttu-

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