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Feb 3, 2012

Dheerubhai Ambani Edureeta - AG Krishnamurthy

I really did not know much about DBA other than maybe when I read in newspapers, there was no personal interest in his life, did not actually know anything about him.  I was so innocent to even know Vimal was a Reliance group company.  The only time I really got to know him much was during the Mukesh Anil fight, even then I was not too much into knowing about him, it was just about the issue as a current affairs thing but no personal interest.

Come to think of it I did even know where Aden was where he started his career, then Yemen kind of rang a bell and then just geographical knowledge again, nothing much.

When I had been to the exhibition this Jan I was looking out for biographies and autobiographies as is my general tendency I happened to notice this and picked it up.  Written by AGK of Mudra Communications, the book is not an indepth biography.  It gives an insight into his struggle to get to the peak and his persistence in getting things done his way, how he unknowingly set so many path breaking victories in the fields he had relatively no knowledge to begin with.  AGK intertwines his stint with DBA and how he had reacted in the circumstances DBA had done differently and all that.  This book gives an insight into his life in a very short and crisp narrative, seemed to me like a summary of his life.  Good one for starters, got to know many interesting facts.. the Only Vimal ads that we used to love watching on TV, the reliance brand, his foray into equity, shares and getting middle class involved and the way he left a mark on whatever he did.. inspiring!

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